Trading has been permanently frozen for the site wind down.

Trading has been frozen on this asset by the asset issuer.

CIPHERMINE-PT  operated by CipherMinePT since Sep, 9 2013  

Outstanding Last 24h 24h Avg 24h 24h Vol 7d 7d Avg 7d 30d 30d Avg 30d Tot Vol Mkt Cap Score
5369 70@0.03 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.014 0.028 0.04 126 0 1    (1/0)

Outstanding Last 24h 24h Avg 24h 24h Vol 7d 7d Avg 7d 30d 30d Avg 30d Tot Vol Mkt Cap Score
5369 70@0.03 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.014 0.028 0.04 126 0 1    (1/0)

CALL Options Available For Purchase
(an option to purchase shares)
Option ID Expiration Qty Strike Premium/ea Cost/ea
None available...

PUT Options Available For Purchase
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Option ID Expiration Qty Strike Premium/ea Proceeds/ea
None available...

Trade History
Date Type Quantity Price Total
2013-10-07 06:52:58 Market Buy 70 ฿ 0.03 ฿ 2.1
2013-10-04 21:24:15 Market Buy 3 ฿ 0.04 ฿ 0.12
2013-10-04 18:09:11 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.02 ฿ 0.02
2013-10-04 00:07:34 Market Sell 12 ฿ 0.014 ฿ 0.168
2013-10-01 18:45:51 Market Sell 2 ฿ 0.017 ฿ 0.034
2013-09-30 16:35:45 Market Buy 2 ฿ 0.02 ฿ 0.04
2013-09-28 02:48:36 Market Sell 19 ฿ 0.014 ฿ 0.266
2013-09-27 18:54:39 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.018 ฿ 0.018
2013-09-26 16:33:19 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.023 ฿ 0.023
2013-09-26 01:20:29 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.03 ฿ 0.03
2013-09-25 01:29:07 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.035 ฿ 0.035
2013-09-23 23:31:38 Market Buy 11 ฿ 0.028 ฿ 0.308
2013-09-23 21:04:27 Market Sell 2 ฿ 0.022 ฿ 0.044
2013-09-23 18:17:58 Market Buy 32 ฿ 0.022 ฿ 0.704
2013-09-23 18:17:51 Market Buy 68 ฿ 0.02 ฿ 1.36
2013-09-23 18:04:41 Market Buy 5 ฿ 0.02 ฿ 0.1
2013-09-23 17:47:18 Market Sell 8 ฿ 0.022 ฿ 0.176
2013-09-23 15:51:29 Market Sell 11 ฿ 0.0272 ฿ 0.2992
2013-09-23 13:22:36 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.006 ฿ 0.006
2013-09-23 12:23:56 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.0052 ฿ 0.0052

Dividend History
Date Total BTC Shares BTC/Share Status
2013-09-22 23:20 ฿ 0.08257838 6125 0.00001348 COMPLETE
2013-09-15 21:55 ฿ 0.14930233 6086 0.00002453 COMPLETE
2013-09-15 21:45 ฿ 0.14930233 6086 0.00002453 COMPLETE


CIPHERMINE-PT SHALL PREVAIL! :) Posted: 7 years ago

Closure of BTCT and Litecoin-Global:

On October 7th, 2013 (2013-10-07) all trading activities of BTCT and Litecoin-Global will be halted. In case this is news to you, please read the official announcements of BTCT or Litecoin-Global for further information: hacked and defaced:

On Wednesday (2013-10-02) hackers - calling themselves "The Hole Seekers" - were able to deface It is unclear, if they gained access to the database of

It is strongly advised to change your password, if you use the same password on other websites. This is solely an additional security measure, despite the fact that passwords are hashed using sha256crypt with 7500 rounds and are not stored in clear text. published an article about the hack here. theymos (the admin of commented on the hack on Reddit and offers a bounty of 50 Bitcoin for the first one who is able to reconstruct the hack.

Please be aware that the rumors about 150.000 emails and hashed passwords being offered for 25 Bitcoin are false. theymos analyzed the data sample and came to the conclusion that it is fake. will stay offline until theymos knows how the hack was done.


Due to the closure of BTCT and Litecoin-Global CipherMine has decided to continue with direct shares, at least for the time being. I also decided to continue this pass-through and until a solution is found for CIPHERMINE, I will go the direct share route as well.

This means CipherMine will not be traded on an exchange after the 7th October and dividends will be send to your Litecoin or Bitcoin address directly. Share transfers will be possible and further instructions on how to transfer direct shares will be published in the next days. I will also update the prospectus and shareholder contract accordingly soon.

What are your options?

Till Monday, October 7th, 2014 (2013-10-07) you are able to freely trade CIPHERMINE-PT shares on BTCT and CIPHERMINE shares on Litecoin-Global. But it is advised to finalize all trades before this date, because it is unknown when trading will be halted exactly. I will process all share transfers from BTCT to Litecoin-Global and vice versa till Sunday, October 6th, 2013 (2013-10-06) at 20:00 UTC. Please take a look at "Products and Services" under the tab "Details" on the BTCT listing of CIPHERMINE-PT for instructions on how to transfer shares.

On Monday, October 7th, 2014 (2013-10-07) at 20:00 UTC I will extract a list with all shareholders and use this list as basis for direct shares. Please make sure your public withdrawal address is correct. It will be used to identify you as shareholder and dividends will be send to this address also.

Please understand that I'm unable to verify your status as shareholder otherwise.

Positive news:

Kate announced the following on Litecoin-Global:

Excitingly, we've today had news that our first three 400 GH/s BitFury miners have shipped! They are from order #525 - actually our second BFSB order. I'm not sure why it has happened before #498, but I've emailed them to ask. We don't have an expected delivery date yet but it should be within the next few days. :)

KnCMiner also announced that they started to ship units. A video of this announcement can be found here:

To give you an overview, the following hardware is currently hashing for CipherMine:

  • 1 x Batch 1 60 GH/s Avalon miner
  • 1 x Batch 3 60 GH/s Avalon miner
  • 100 x Ztex 1.15y clones
  • 10 x Quad 1.15y Ztex
  • 6 x Cairnsmore CM1s
  • 6 x Quintuple Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X GPU rigs
  • 2 x Quad Sapphire 7950 Dual-X GPU rigs
  • 1 x Quad Gigabye 7970 GPU rigs
  • 1 x Quad mix GPU rig

Those units are on order:

  • 9 x 400 GH/s BitFury units
  • 2 x KNC Jupiter units
  • 8 x HashFast BabyJet with Miner Protection Program
  • 2 x HashFast Sierra with Miner Protection Program

Receipts for open orders can be found here:

Shareholder communication:

Until is online again, I will communicate all updates via the asset news channel on BTCT. I also created a backup thread for this pass-through on the Litecoin forums:,6255.0.html

I'm also available via email at or under the nick dexX7 on Freenode (IRC).

Please feel free to ask questions, if anything needs further clarification.

This week and the future Posted: 7 years ago

Message from Kate to all shareholders, posted on Litecoin Global:

Dear Investors,

There is good news and bad news this week. The bad news is that a) as you'll have heard this exchange is closing and b) we've had a rubbish week due to continuing to rise difficulty on all fronts. We actually made a very small loss this week after power, depreciation and the bond interest payments. The net contribution to the hardware fund was €306 so we are still net positive, it is just all going into reinvestment. I am not overly concerned by this since we have always been geared towards being hardware-reinvestment intensive.

However, my forecasts are looking a little more doubtful for scrypt mining given recent rises in difficulty. Further, I am not entirely satisfied that we will get good value for money from money invested in SHA256 ASICs either right now. Therefore I have decided not to reinvest the Avalon refund in more hardware. Instead I we are going to use this money to advance some of our diversification plans, the most notable of which is a gambit to purchase Burnside's code and re-launch this exchange and BTC Trading Co (some details here), which is the good news. For this purpose we will setup a new virtual security most likely and CIPHERMINE shareholders shall get a proportional number of shares in the new entity(ies). I feel it best to keep clearly different business operations separate. It should also be noted that I have personally contributed at least that amount to CipherMine's hardware estate out of my own pocket, so I feel that redirecting those funds is not innappropraite (and it will likely benefit you all more).

Finally, thanks to the aforementioned plans, CipherMine shall continue as a virtual security. The business itself is strong and we have significant ASIC pre-orders coming through in the next weeks and months. It is likely that there may be a period where the security is illiquid and not on an exchange. During that time we will continue to pay dividends to your public withdrawal address (please do make sure you've set this!). My aspiration is that we will have a new exchange operational for the start of December; ie. only one month of illiquidity (this exchange closes at the end of next month).

Finally, please also ensure that you have set an active and secure email address as your LTC Global email account. When reconstituting shares on the new exchange we will be using those email addresses (I have records of them from the shareholder reports .csv sent twice daily). If you are using an insecure or out-of-date email address then you will likely lose your holdings during the trasition!



Please make sure you set your public withdrawal address on BTCT and Litecoin Global and you are in control of this address. Team CipherMine and other asset issuers on BTCT and Litecoin-Global may ask you to provide proof of ownership of this address by signing a message. This is necessary to identify you as shareholder after BTCT and Litecoin Global have shut down.

Please take a look at the following post on for more information, details and instructions of this process:

Actions in face of LTC Global's closing Posted: 7 years ago

Message from Kate to all shareholders of CIPHERMINE, posted on Litecoin Global:
Dear Shareholders,

Obviously today's news that LTC Global is closing down by the end of the month is very distressing.

We have not yet decided exactly what to do going forwards but are exploring a number of options, the most obvious of which is to simply bring all shares in-house and run them direct so you all continue to get dividend payments but to the public payment address you have set here (which does mean you must set it if you have not!).

If we were to do that it would prevent automated trading of the shares, and at this time we don't have the resources to administer trades manually. The security would therefore become illiquid for a time. We would likely therefore wish to move the security to a new exchange, and indeed we are exploring some options there too.

Another option is a forced buy-back of shares at the weighted average of the original issue prices (ie. 1.62 LTC/share), but we don't have the necessary funds to do that in reality. Further, what funds we do have (mostly from the Avalon refund) I am more inclined to offer as a discounted, or possibly forced, buy-back of CIPHERMINE.B1 (the bond issued on BTC TC). At least 50% of the bondholders are investment funds who will likely want their money ASAP; I can't see how their funds can survive this unfortunately.

In the mean time please be assured that we are going to try to look after you, our shareholders, and that does include those of you with small stakes (my somewhat ill-considered forum post earlier should largely be ignored). CipherMine remains a viable business and will continue regardless.

I will be in touch in the couple of days with a clear plan. In the mean time, don't panic!



Due to the closure of BTCT and Litecoin-Global I'm forced to close this pass-through. Please read the announcement made by burnside here:

I urge every shareholder to update their email address and public withdrawal address immediately.

Asset issuers receive a list of all email and public withdrawal addresses frequently and I will forward those to Kate after BTCT has closed.

All share transfers to Litecoin-Global will be processed as fast as possible and as long as both websites allow.

I will contact Kate now to see what is going to happen next.

This pass-through operates a thread on

The underlying thread of CipherMine can be found here:,4582.0.html

More to be announced soon.

SHAREHOLDER REPORT Posted: 7 years ago

Dear shareholders and potential shareholders,

it has been two days since CIPHERMINE-PT started on BTCT and I want to give you an overview of the past days and what is to expect in the nearer future. Please take a look at the shareholder report on

CIPHERMINE-PT TRADING STARTS ON 2013-09-13 AT 16:00 UTC Posted: 7 years ago

Dear potential shareholders,

I'm pleased to announce the successful listing of the CipherMine pass-through.

Please take a look into the thread on, if you like to learn more about this security:

I will place an initial amount of 1000 CIPHERMINE-PT shares for sale on 2013-09-13 at 16:00 UTC (that's 12:00 EDT [2013-09-13], 00:00 CST [2013-09-14]) for 0.06 Bitcoin per share. Please be aware that bids placed on or higher than 0.06 Bitcoin will be filled immediately.

Queued share transfers will be processed in both ways manually 6 hours later (22:00 UTC [2013-09-13], 18:00 EDT [2013-09-13], 06:00 CST [2013-09-14]) in the order "first-come, first-served". I hope this is fair for all time zones and satisfies both short-term investors, arbitrageurs as well as those who already hold CIPHERMINE shares on LTC-GLOBAL.

To transfer shares in or out please send me a private message on or an e-mail at Please include the following information: amount of shares to be transferred, account name from where shares are sent, account name to where shares should be transferred and the e-mail address used for the registration on LTC-GLOBAL/BTC-TC.

After the request message has been sent, transfer the exact amount of shares to the LTC-GLOBAL/BTC-TC account CipherMineTransfer via the internal transfer mechanism.


  • 2013-09-13 16:00 UTC: 1000 CIPHERMINE-PT shares for sale for 0.06 Bitcoin per share
  • 2013-09-13 22:00 UTC: Queued share transfers are processed in the order "first-come, first-served"

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate do ask.
- dexX7

No motions yet
Contract & Prospectus
Locked! This asset has been locked by the Asset Issuer.
Moderator Score 1  (1/0)
Moderator Votes YES 1 / 0 NO    (0 ABSTAINING -- Users with 10 or more shares of LTC-GLOBAL are allowed to vote.)

BTCTRADINGPT voted YES with comment: BTC-TRADING-PT shareholders approve by a vote of 293-4
Shares Outstanding 5369 / 110000 Issued
Issuer CipherMinePT <>
Issuer Detail dexX7
IRC: dexX7 on
E-Mail: (or





This virtual security ("CIPHERMINE-PT") represents a DEPOSITARY RECEIPT/PASS-THROUGH 
of the underlying CIPHERMINE security.

CIPHERMINE shares are issued by the cryptocoin mining company CipherMine which is quoted 
on the virtual stock exchange Litecoin Global Exchange ("LTC-GLOBAL"):


1. Terminology

The term "CIPHERMINE-PT" (upper case) is used for this security.

"CIPHERMINE" (upper case) is used for the underlying security of this depositary receipt/pass-
through which is traded on LTC-GLOBAL.

"CipherMine" (camel case) refers to the virtual mining company CipherMine lead by British IT 
entrepreneur Kate Craig-Wood. CipherMine is the issuer of CIPHERMINE shares.

The terms (potential) "INVESTORS" and (potential) "SHAREHOLDERS" are used to address 
POTENTIAL USERS and USERS of BTC-TC, LTC-GLOBAL and potential users and users of the 
virtual securities CIPHERMINE and CIPHERMINE-PT.



Virtual shares of this security are nominated in BITCOIN and listed on the virtual stock exchange 

Each CIPHERMINE-PT share represents one underlying CIPHERMINE share on LTC-GLOBAL.

CIPHERMINE-PT shares are backed by at least the same amount of CIPHERMINE shares held in 
the account "CipherMinePT" on LTC-GLOBAL by the operator of this security.

The operator may increase the number of outstanding CIPHERMINE-PT shares, if the number of 
CIPHERMINE shares in the account "CipherMinePT" on LTC-GLOBAL is higher than the number 
of outstanding CIPHERMINE-PT shares on BTC-TC.

The number of underlying CIPHERMINE shares held by the operator is verifiable through a 
public portfolio on LTC-GLOBAL:


3. Voting Rights

The operator uses the mechanism provided on BTC-TC to raise motions.

Shareholders are eligible to participate in voting whereby each CIPHERMINE-PT share held by a 
shareholder represents the weight of one voting right.

A motion is considered as approved on a majority of more than 50 % of approval votes.

The content of an approved motion will be adopted as soon as possible.

Within approximately 48 hours after a motion has been raised by CipherMine on LTC-GLOBAL, 
the operator puts up a motion with a similar content on BTC-TC to extend his voting rights of 
CIPHERMINE shares to shareholders of CIPHERMINE-PT.

Shareholders will be notified in advance, if the operator may be unable to forward a motion 
within approximately 48 hours.


4. Dividends

Shareholders of CIPHERMINE-PT may receive virtual dividends on a regular or irregular basis in 
form of Bitcoin through the mechanism provided by BTC-TC.

Dividends issued by CipherMine and received by the operator on LTC-GLOBAL are passed 
through to shareholders of CIPHERMINE-PT to an amount of 95 % of its converted value in 
Bitcoin within approximately 48 hours.

In the case of a foreseeable event that the operator is unable to forward a dividend within this 
timeframe, shareholders will be notified in advance and the dividend payout will be rescheduled 

BTC-E ( is used to determine the value of Litecoin. A trade within 
approximately 60 minutes will be used as reference to calculate the conversion factor from 
Litecoin to Bitcoin after a dividend has been received on LTC-GLOBAL.


5. Fees and Operating Cost

An amount of 5 % of dividends received from CipherMine are retained by the operator as fee.

95 % of dividends are passed through to shareholders of this security based on the conversion 
factor from Litecoin to Bitcoin determined as defined in the section Dividends.

No additional costs for potential transaction, conversion or withdrawal fees are imposed.


6. Share Transfers

The operator is offering a redemption and deposit service which allows shareholders to 
exchange CIPHERMINE and CIPHERMINE-PT shares.

For further information about the process share transfer process, please take a look at the 
section Products and Services.

Shareholders are eligible to use this service twice every week.

The exchange is processed by the operator within approximately 48 hours.

Should the operator be unable to guarantee this timeframe or execute this service, shareholders 
will be notified in advance.

No confirmation from the operator is necessary to initiate the share transfer.

Following the instructions given by the operator is mandatory for a successful share transfer 
and shares received by the operator due to other means will be returned to the original sender.

raudulent attempts to hijack the share transfer process may result in an exclusion of the 
malicious user from this service and will be announced publicly by the operator for the sake of 


7. Communication

The operator uses the Asset News channel of BTC-TC to publish important announcements or 
information for shareholders of CIPHERMINE-PT.

The preferred medium of communication for public matters between shareholders and the 
operator is A dedicated thread shall be used for additional announcements, 
information and discussion directly related to CIPHERMINE-PT, CIPHERMINE or CipherMine.

Shareholders may contact the operator via e-mail or the private message mechanism on Content discussed in non-public channels shall be treated confidently.

Shareholders will be notified in advance, if the operator may be unavailable longer than 
approximately 72 hours.

Should BTC-TC become inaccessible or unusable by any means, the operator is going to use to communicate with shareholders and may further try to reach out to 
shareholders via e-mail.


8. Dissolution

In the event that the operator chooses to or is forced to close this security for any reason, the 
following methods will be used for dissolution:

1. A new operator may be chosen by the operator to take over this security. Shareholders of 
CIPHERMINE-PT are eligible to approve/disapprove the new operator by a motion.

2. Shareholders of CIPHERMINE-PT have the right to exchange CIPHERMINE-PT shares for 
CIPHERMINE shares on LTC-GLOBAL. If applicable, this right is granted for at least four weeks.

3. All remaining underlying shares of CIPHERMINE will be sold on LTC-GLOBAL and the 
proceeds will be distributed to the remaining CIPHERMINE-PT shares as a final dividend. This 
option is to be considered as unfavorable and only applicable, if the other two options yield no 
sufficient result and no other solution has been determined by a consensus of the operator and 


Executive Summary

This security represents a depositary receipt/pass-through of the CIPHERMINE security.

Listed on the virtual stock exchange BTC Trading Corp. Stock Exchange this security can be 
found under the ticker symbol CIPHERMINE-PT:

Underlying shares are issued by the cryptocoin mining company CipherMine which is quoted on 
the virtual stock exchange Litecoin Global Exchange under the ticker symbol CIPHERMINE:


CipherMine maintains a forum thread on LitecoinTalk:


According to CipherMine, the company mines scrypt and SHA256 based cryptocoins with a 
combination of heavily discounted CPU resources, GPU rigs, FPGAs and ASICs. Although the 
focus lies on Bitcoin and Litecoin, mining clusters are diverted to other cryptocoins based on 
profitability. Highly automated coin switching and trading is used to maximize performance.

Incoming profits are distributed to shareholders in form of dividends and partially used as re-
investment. To maximize an early-mover advantage, CipherMine aggressively invests in cutting-
edge technology like ASIC mining hardware.

This security acts as an extension of the underlying security CIPHERMINE and provides potential 
users of the BTC Trading Corp. Stock Exchange a way to participate in trading virtual shares of 
the cryptocoin mining company CipherMine nominated in Bitcoin.

Benefits of underlying shares will be passed through to shareholders of this security as defined 
in the Shareholder Agreement/Contract.


Business Description

CipherMine, the basis of this depositary receipt/pass-through, is a growth- oriented virtual 
mining company which specializes in cryptocoin mining as well as high- performance computing.

Formed in June 2012, CipherMine was established by leading British IT entrepreneur Kate Craig-
Wood in partnership with Giles Russel, Ross Martyn and Simon Weald, two systems 
administrators from Memset Ltd., and Jan, a DevOps specialist.

What started out as a hobby for Craig-Wood, has seen her set up a virtual company whose stellar 
debut grabbed headlines around the world as shares soared 500 % following their initial public 
offering on June 24 2013 on the virtual stock exchange LTC-GLOBAL.

Recognizing that there was room for an alternate cryptocoin, CipherMine believes that Litecoin 
is that alternate.

More information about CipherMine can be found on


Definition of the Market

Mining cryptocurrencies strengthens the underlying infrastructure and can be highly rewarding.

Because of the fast growth of this sector constant expansion and improvement is needed to stay 
profitable and competitive. CipherMine, the company from which this security is derived, offers 
a way for potential investors to benefit from mining and provides an option for all those who 
like to take part in cryptocoin mining without the needs of larger initial investments or 
maintaining own hardware.

This virtual security is directed to potential shareholders of the CipherMine security 
CIPHERMINE and users of BTC-TC who wish to participate in trading CIPHERMINE shares 
nominated in Bitcoin without the need of using another exchange.


Products and Services

The operator is offering a redemption and deposit service which allows shareholders to 
exchange CIPHERMINE and CIPHERMINE-PT shares.

How to redeem CIPHERMINE-PT shares on BTC-TC to CIPHERMINE shares on LTC-GLOBAL?

1. Contact the operator of this security via an appropriate medium (e- mail: or private message on and submit the exact number 
of CIPHERMINE-PT shares to redeem, the account name on BTC-TC from which shares to 
redeem are sent and the account name on LTC-GLOBAL to which shares should be transferred. 
Please also include the e-mail address used for the registration on BTC-TC.

2. Transfer the exact amount (as stated in the message) of CIPHERMINE-PT shares to the BTC-TC 
account CipherMineTransfer via the Internal Asset Transfer mechanism within approximately 360 
minutes after the request message has been sent.

How to deposit CIPHERMINE shares from LTC-GLOBAL to CIPHERMINE-PT shares on BTC-TC?

1. Contact the operator of this security via an appropriate medium (e- mail: or private message on and submit the exact number 
of CIPHERMINE shares to deposit, the account name on LTC-GLOBAL from which shares to 
redeem are sent and the account name on BTC-TC to which shares should be transferred. Please 
also include the e-mail address used for the registration on LTC-GLOBAL.

2. Transfer the exact amount (as stated in the message) of CIPHERMINE shares to the LTC-
GLOBAL account CipherMineTransfer via the Internal Asset Transfer mechanism within approximately 
360 minutes after the request message has been sent.


No confirmation from the operator is necessary to initiate the share transfer.

Following the instructions given by the operator is mandatory for a successful share transfer 
and shares received by the operator due to other means will be returned to the original sender.


Organization and Management

This virtual security is managed by dexX7, a member. He acts as pass-through 
operator and is approved by CipherMine. action=profile;u=104899

Kate Craig-Wood is the principal founder of CipherMine, the underlying of this security. Her 
principal responsibilities in CipherMine are business administration, finance and software 
development. action=profile;u=99792

Giles Russell is CipherMine’s ASIC rig builder and general mining hardware expert. action=profile;u=98209

Jan Heinicke-Clemm is the mining software specialist of CipherMine and maintains systems such 
as CipherMine's private pools and Primecoin mining grid. action=profile;u=91526

The CipherMine team consists furthermore of the following experts:

Richard West (as diversification services developer), Ross Martyn and Simon Weald (as systems 
administrators at Memset Ltd.), Katie Olver (as CipherMine's press relations agent) and Liam 
Devany (a developer who is responsible for maintaining as well as the planned sites).

More details about the CipherMine team can be found on


Marketing Strategy

Promotion of this virtual security and the underlying CipherMine is mainly done through word-
of-mouth marketing and advertisement on related cryptocoin forums and websites.

Katie Olver (CipherMine's PR agent) also obtained wide attention including coverage in the 
Guardian's blog, as well as Forbes online and the Wall Street Journal.

The Guardian: virtual-fortune-crypto-currency

Forbes: that-bitcoins-in-a-bubble

Wall Street Journal: litecoins-are-the-next-big-thing


Financial Management

Detailed information about the financial management and estimated returns of the underlying 
CipherMine can be found in the current version of CipherMine’s business plan and business 

The related documents are updated frequently and available at


ʡ = Recent Notification or Pending Motion, ʬ = Recent Contract or Prospectus Change