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Outstanding Last 24h 24h Avg 24h 24h Vol 7d 7d Avg 7d 30d 30d Avg 30d Tot Vol Mkt Cap Score
3663 21@0.17 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.1376 0.15154 0.17 2,436 0 0    (0/0)

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2013-10-08 08:37:14 Market Buy 21 ฿ 0.17 ฿ 3.57
2013-10-07 01:29:09 Market Sell 3 ฿ 0.1401 ฿ 0.4203
2013-10-05 20:36:00 Market Sell 2 ฿ 0.14 ฿ 0.28
2013-10-05 20:28:29 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.14 ฿ 0.14
2013-10-05 07:33:58 Market Sell 10 ฿ 0.1376 ฿ 1.376
2013-10-05 07:33:58 Market Sell 11 ฿ 0.1376 ฿ 1.5136
2013-10-05 07:33:57 Market Sell 5 ฿ 0.14 ฿ 0.7
2013-10-05 07:33:57 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.1377 ฿ 0.1377
2013-10-05 07:33:56 Market Sell 2 ฿ 0.165 ฿ 0.33
2013-10-04 20:50:24 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.17 ฿ 0.17
2013-10-02 16:41:53 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.17 ฿ 0.17
2013-10-02 16:14:23 Market Buy 17 ฿ 0.17 ฿ 2.89
2013-10-02 06:44:05 Market Buy 6 ฿ 0.17 ฿ 1.02
2013-10-01 22:38:14 Market Buy 4 ฿ 0.17 ฿ 0.68
2013-10-01 18:16:11 Market Buy 4 ฿ 0.175 ฿ 0.7
2013-10-01 18:14:46 Market Buy 9 ฿ 0.175 ฿ 1.575
2013-10-01 13:35:15 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.165 ฿ 0.165
2013-10-01 05:50:54 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.165 ฿ 0.165
2013-09-30 23:23:48 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.165 ฿ 0.165
2013-09-30 22:06:59 Market Buy 3 ฿ 0.175 ฿ 0.525

Dividend History
Date Total BTC Shares BTC/Share Status
2013-10-01 22:02 ฿ 9.56662096 3685 0.00259609 COMPLETE
2013-09-01 12:15 ฿ 6.05896000 3457 0.00175266 COMPLETE
2013-08-02 08:55 ฿ 6.20420139 2897 0.00214159 COMPLETE
2013-07-01 12:37 ฿ 5.91250000 2638 0.00224128 COMPLETE
2013-05-31 20:35 ฿ 19.51000000 -- -- CANCELED
2013-05-31 15:00 ฿ 1.02650000 2053 0.00050000 COMPLETE
2013-05-31 14:54 ฿ 19.51000000 2051 0.00951243 COMPLETE

Transfer information Posted: 7 years ago

Dear shareholders

With the and ltc-global closure, we decided to transfer the trade of our shares directly into
Trading for share will be available 3 hours after this newsletter is sent :

Name of shares :

CTB = Crypto-trade share in BTC
CTL = Crypto-trade share in LTC

ESB = Esecurity-SA share (2 servers) in BTC
ESL = Esecurity-SA share (4 servers) in LTC

Please find below the procedure to transfer your share from or

- Register in, using same email than you used for or

- Send us an email to claiming your share.

- After verification (24 hours maximum), your shares are added to your account ready for trade.

For all questions or suggestions about this transfer operation please email me at

Regards, neotrix

News Posted: 7 years ago

Dear Shareholders,


As many of you are aware, BTCT.CO and LITECOINGLOBAL.COM are in the process of being closed. While this action is regrettable and does slow down progress, it will not be significant enough to stop the exchange, invalidate the contract, or disrupt the dividend payments from going out. That being said, we first would like to move our investors to protecting themselves during the shutdown, so we shall repeat what was stated in the shutdown announcement:

  1. All participants should take steps to transfer all of your BTC and LTC (and any other data you wish to keep, such as CSV trade histories) held on the sites to your personal computer or another trusted site. 
  2. All participants should make sure that their public BTC or LTC address is properly set in the Account page on the Settings tab whereby it can be shared with all issuers.

As the issuer, we have detailed and regularly updated lists of our holders, including the above public withdraw address, and in the case of a shut down, we will still be able to pay and communicate with all shareholders.

With that being said, an action needs to be taken to once again open trade of CRYPTO-TRADE.­ While everything is still in a development and planning phase, our main intent is to open up a ‘psuedo-currency’ on CRYPTO-TRADE that would be able to facilitate the free trade of it’s stocks.. There are many possibilities for this, including integrated dividends directly into accounts, and more profits for the holders by eliminating

So while the future is surely unknown, we feel that this could be a good stepping stone for our future, and ensure that your stake in our exchange is secure and safe.

Good trading,



August 2013 dividend Posted: 7 years ago

Dear Shareholders,


Please find below a detailed financial report for with dividend calculation:


Volume    532.98665020  BTC        54751.40699070 USD

Fees        1.00734477 BTC             104.02767328 USD



Volume     13640.49768843 LTC        33021.86205905 USD

Fees          26.59897049 LTC              64.39263101 USD



Volume        14868.61932692 LTC       374.16511631 BTC

Fees             29.43986626 LTC             0.71091372 BTC



Volume        1158.52429169 NMC             691.85525336 USD

Fees             2.25912236 NMC                   1.32144353 USD



Volume       7535.95377931 NMC        45.38792794 BTC

Fees            14.54439079 NMC            0.08941421 BTC



Volume        1137356.52683292 DVC    0.55672698 BTC

Fees             2160.97740098 DVC          0.00108005 BTC



Volume        15538.84237707 TRC        25.07201659 BTC

Fees             30.14535421 TRC              0.04889044 BTC



Volume        62247.80025107 PPC        88.86158378 BTC

Fees:            118.27082048 PPC            0.17239148 BTC



Volume        9917.12321041 FTC        13.57026319 BTC

Fees             18.84253409 FTC             0.02591920 BTC



Volume        142.17501092 CNC        0.01167729 BTC

Fees             0.27013252 CNC            0.00002323 BTC



Volume        29.24341500  BTC        2268.03706539 EUR

Fees            0.05702465 BTC            4.42267227 EUR



Volume        431.57334045 LTC        861.80568345 EUR

Fees             0.84156801 LTC            1.68052108 EUR



Volume        266201.35423706 WDC    13.06210871 BTC

Fees             505.78257305 WDC        0.02547111 BTC



Volume        6917.08101324 DGC    1.81108233 BTC

Fees            13.14245392 DGC         0.00353161 BTC



Volume        56261.41769343 XPM        382.17127724 BTC

Fees            108.58453614 XPM             0.75287741 BTC



Volume        18547.02686213 XPM        12795.87854083 USD

Fees             36.16670238 XPM              25.33583851 USD



Volume        8535.18260848 XPM        36957.24328012 PPC

Fees            16.98501339 XPM             72.06662439 PPC




USD    195.07758633

EUR     6.10319335        (7.6290 USD)


BTC    2.89488188

LTC    56.88040476         (136.51297142 USD)

NMC    16.80351315         (0.06973458 BTC)

XPM    161.73625191         (0.67929225 BTC)

PPC    190.33744487         (0.12564076 BTC)

TRC    122.92411125         (0.25695555 BTC)

FTC    18.84253409         (0.021 BTC)

WDC    505.78257305         (0.01770239 BTC)

DGC    13.14245392         (0.001578 BTC)

CNC    0.27013252             (0.000023 BTC)


+  339.21955775 USD              (fiat trade fees)

+  4.06680841 BTC (@ 125 USD)     (crypto trade fees)

+  559.38 USD                 (withdraw/deposit fees)


=  1406.950609 USD            (total)




Shares sold in LTC : 3457 : 53.8306%

Shares sold in BTC : 2965 : 46.1694%


Dividend for BTC :  757.37 USD = 6.05896 BTC

Dividend for LTC :  649.58 USD = 272.93277310 LTC


Regards, Neotrix

Dividend report: July 2013 Posted: 7 years ago

Dear Shareholders,


Please find below a detailed financial report for with dividend calculation:


Volume     926.82648949 BTC        74257.60473761 USD

Fees        1.60340982 BTC             132.92111248 USD



Volume     24787.50532747 LTC        63603.97446612 USD

Fees        41.89088401 LTC            114.48715403 USD



Volume        9325.46209649 LTC        305.57993523 BTC

Fees        16.78583177 LTC             0.55921128 BTC



Volume        7841.86806639 NMC        3527.65106530 USD

Fees        14.89954932 NMC             6.66726051 USD



Volume        21340.21174833 NMC        126.53179484 BTC

Fees        38.41265391 NMC             0.24673699 BTC



Volume                3958861.36328676 DVC    2.77267976 BTC

Fees        7521.83659024 DVC         0.00526809 BTC



Volume        67171.6454954 TRC        104.59765832 BTC

Fees        122.92411125 TRC             0.18827578 BTC



Volume        39418.94130274 PPC        70.56785075 BTC

Fees:        74.89598847 PPC            0.13337323 BTC



Volume        56394.60774701 FTC        54.48208319 BTC

Fees        107.14975471 FTC            0.09970221 BTC



Volume        15753.67955817 CNC        2.08220778 BTC

Fees        31.34982232 CNC            0.00395619 BTC



Volume        174.96678730 BTC        11137.38943185 EUR

Fees        0.32543822 BTC        21.16103992 EUR



Volume        2215.74279033 LTC        4584.09728911 EUR

Fees        4.16559644 LTC        8.70978484 EUR



Volume        274097.34662271 WDC    23.61652355 BTC

Fees        509.82106471 WDC        0.04487139 BTC



Volume        247029.82446620 DGC    91.95743631 BTC

Fees        454.53487701 DGC        0.17471912 BTC



Volume        24261.70140050 XPM        216.53790457 BTC

Fees        46.09723266 XPM        0.40709126 BTC



Volume        8087.70796058 XPM        4627.23343672 USD

Fees        15.36664512 XPM        8.65292652 USD



Volume        1551.61547336 XPM        7814.42941690 PPC

Fees        2.93255324 XPM             14.84741589 PPC




USD    262.72845354

EUR    29.87082476         (39.6550 USD)


BTC    3.79205358

LTC    58.67671578         (154.90652965 USD)

NMC    53.31220323         (0.30974 BTC)

XPM    64.39643102         (0.38637923 BTC)

PPC    89.74340436         (0.12564076 BTC)

TRC    122.92411125         (0.17578147 BTC)

FTC    107.14975471         (0.12536521 BTC)

WDC    509.82106471         (0.04082646 BTC)

DGC    454.53487701         (0.12726976 BTC)

CNC    31.34982232         (0.00626996 BTC)


+  457.28998319 USD              (fiat trade fees)

+  5.08932643 BTC (@ 97 USD)     (crypto trade fees)

+  159.93 USD                 (withdraw/deposit fees)


=  1117.19150522 USD            (total)




Shares sold in LTC : 2451 : 46.1321%

Shares sold in BTC : 2862 : 53.8679%


Dividend for BTC :  601.80760284 USD = 6.20420209 BTC

Dividend for LTC :  515.38390237 USD = 195.22117514 LTC


Other information:


  • 1330 registered members; approximately a 100% increase since last month. Thanks to our referral program and increasing PR campaign for such incredible growth.


  • Our [unique] traffic has doubled since last month.


Future development:


  • We are currently working to offer SWIFT, ACH and SEPA as deposit/withdrawal options, available within the month.


  • The Crypto-Trade Foundation ( should be launched during the week. The goal of this foundation will be to promote the image of, BTC and LTC worldwide via charity and goodwill. The foundation will also help business creators willing to open their business related to crypto-currencies. One of the first big charity projects will be the construction of a school in Cambodia.  50 000 USD are already ready for this action. All funds for the foundation are coming from share sales, and our personal earnings from alternative businesses. Be assured the dividend of shareholders will never be affected by this funding.





Regards, Neotrix






News about July dividend Posted: 7 years ago

Dear shareholders

As quoted previously, the 100% profit operation dividend reversed to outstanding shares sold will be reproduced for July 2013.
This means as for June, the full profits of Crypto-trade will be reversed to outstanding shares sod, instead of the planned dividend.


Regards, Neotrix

Dividend issued for June Posted: 7 years ago

Dear shareholders

The total profits for this month is a bit less than 1000 usd after convertion rate of all coins earned in fees. The last 3 days, we observed a real growth in the daily volume exchanged which help us to be very confident for next months profits and the future of Crypto-trade.

I also decided to share 1000 usd to shareholders for month of June.  have 2638 share outstanding, while Litcoinglobal have 2432 shares outstanding. Total 5070 shares which have to share 1000 usd.

Shares BTC : 52.03 % = 520.3 usd         (1btc =88usd)       520.3 usd = 5.9125 BTC
Shares LTC : 47.97%  = 479.7 usd          (1ltc = 2.9usd)      479.7 usd = 165.42 LTC

Regards, Neotrix

News Posted: 7 years ago

Dear shareholders

We have some great news for you about our recent site developments and future dividend plans.

1) Crypto-trade will soon change its tld from .com to .is (iceland) .The decision was taken as a prevention measure considering the domain seizures of big companies like Libertyreserve and many more using .com tld. After the new .is tld becomes active, all the .com domain requests will be redirected to .is

2) We have recently added OKPay as a payment option which will enable us to deal more efficiently with fiat currencies giving thus increasing our trading volumes as well.

3) We have released API v1 as well to automate various trading functions such as trade,cancel orders,get trades history etc.You can find more by visiting our API documentation page. 

Finally, we are ready to start a big advertising campaign for to promote it as fast as possible.

Additonally, the next dividend will be bigger than what was stated in the first contract. As we like to support early adopters and shareholders, the next dividend will comprise of 100% profit for the month of June which will be reversed to the outstanding shares. This will increase the expected dividend considerably, keeping in mind that only 2-3% of the website's shares has been sold yet.

This operation could be effective again in july at my whole discretion.

Regards, Neotrix

Crypto-trade first dividend (bonus dividend) Posted: 8 years ago
Dear Shareholders

Firstly, we would like to apologize again for delaying the launch of Crypto-trade.

The website is running for successfully for 3-4 days and we are still improving the software based on feedbacks from our old users, while  in the meantime we are developing the last features ( Multilanguage, API..). The volume of trade is actually low but it will increase considerably with the implementation of an API System.  As soon as API is released, we will start big PR campaign in order to increase our traffic/volume considerably.

The profits of the website so far isn't enough to issue a dividend for this month and will be added to next month's dividend.However, I decided to issue a bonus dividend too for 2 months of delay :

0.01 btc have been issued as delay bonus dividend for this month.

The dividend of next month will include last 4 days of MAY + full month of June profits (ratio according to the number of shares sold). This next dividend could either include another bonus (Doubling the profits sharing for example), depending on the evolution of the website during the month of June. Thus, in order to provide a significant dividend to our investors , the website has to manage large trade volume and bring expected dividends.

Regards, Cryto-trade Team
Esecurity SA

Crypto-trade launched! Posted: 8 years ago

Dear shareholders has just been launched today. Multi Launguage will be added during the week as well as more options to deposit/withdraw. We will be glad to welcome you on board.

First dividend + Bonus for delay wil be issued 1st June 2013.

Regards, Neotrix

Update on delay Posted: 8 years ago

Dear shareholders

Small update : Crypto-trade will be launched this week. It could be today, tomorrow as it could be this week end. Anyway it will be launched this week.

Why no updates has been done? Because after many delay, it was looking useless for me to announce another delay which could not be respected.
I seen some new exchange born but nothing to make crypto trade fearing about. I guess the site and features will speak by itself.

Why this big delay? Some bugs in code, a lot of customization on server to make it faster as possible with all features available, some features more harder to code than expected...
Some personnal problem last week also (my gf close to be rapted with a guy hided in my house while I was at 15 000 km of there) make me out of business last week...but I assume this is not an excuse for investors and we better to be back to work and to the main concern.

I appreciate investors mailing me directly to get some infos despite of those who are in panic and claim to scam. Anyway I blam only myself, and I assume this is a side effect of a lack of communication. I will take a lesson from this experience in the future.

Regards, neotrix

No motions yet
Contract & Prospectus
Moderator Score 0  (0/0)
Moderator Votes YES 0 / 0 NO    (3 ABSTAINING -- Users with 10 or more shares of LTC-GLOBAL are allowed to vote.)

Anonymous voted ABSTAIN with comment: I will vote YES when the site has a beta up with trading.
BTCTRADINGPT voted ABSTAIN with comment: BTC-TRADING-PT shareholders did not vote by a sufficient margin to approve or not approve.
Shares Outstanding 3663 / 10000 Issued
Issuer neotrix <>
Issuer Detail

Name of Issuer : Neotrix, owner and CEO of Esecurity SA (,

Project is actually managed under Esecurity SA company but will be moved to its own company soon.

Actual company owning
Esecurity S.A.
Level 23, One Island East,
18 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay,
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3750 7973
Fax: +852 2297 2289

Link of Project :

Esecurity SA is one of world's leaders in DDOS Protection hosting, offering dedicated, shared hosting and VPS services since 2008 with launched 1 year before the company. Esecurity SA have is own RIPE and network. We host our network and servers in one of the most famous data center in Europa (Amsterdam, Netherlands). We don’t use also the traffic of this datacenter having our own routers and contracts with worldwide traffic provider.

We decided to work on a new project, THis new website will be an alternative to Mtgox or The features are usual with many more additonal options.


Description: is a new  trading platform for crypto currencies, It will allow users to trade USD, EUR for BTC, LTC, NMC, TRC, PPC, DVC. This project is launched under Esecurity SA company (, and will be moved under its own company as soon the registration is completed. The management will be handled by Esecurity SA team (currently managing
The link of the website is :

Shares will be sold in BTC or LTC using BTCT.CO for BTC (Other platforms can be selected for other batches in BTC) and using Litecoinglobal for LTC.

Shares issuing:
50% dividend rights and 100% opinion/motion rights will be sold in 5 batches of 10,000 shares ( 10% each) .We will start by selling 1st batch(10,000 shares) for BTC and 2nd batch(10,000 shares) for LTC.The last 3 batches will be sold for BTC only.
It means that 40,000 shares will be available at end for BTC or 40% dividend rights and 10,000 shares for LTC (10 000 shar only on or 10% dividend rights of About the price of this operation we observed volume and estimated profits of our competitors and we decided the price of this sales according some profits estimation. The profits could be some % monthly for shareholders. I let each investor make its own calculation and decide if this offer will fill its expectations and investment requirement before to take any decisions to invest in this opportunity.

Batches will be sold as follow :
First 2 batches for BTC and LTC will have a face value of 0.20 btc each or the equivalent in LTC ( According to last equivalent LTC rate ), I will try to update the LTC share price everyday.
The 3 lasts batches in BTC will be sold at 0.25 BTC, 0.30 BTC and 0.35 BTC each respectively.
The date is not planned yet for the last 3 batches , and the issuer can launch the last 3 batches at its whole discretion 24 hours after a public announcement.

Assets of the listing:
The listed will
- Own the source code, Design and texts contents
- Own the domain name
- Own 16 cores server to run the website
- Own a percentage of monthly profits
- Own a right to vote for new decision, via motions/opinions system

Operation costs
There will be no operation cost taken on monthly profits other than the 50% rest profit which is not sold to public for the direction of project.  Server will be bought by the direction and plugged to Esecurity SA DDOS protected network for free for the lifetime of the project. No management cost will be deducted as it is included in the rest 50% profit.
Only some costs can be deducted for further development which solely relies on public motion obtaining 51% vote from all shareholders. (the 50% shareholders representing 100% of motion, the direction cannot vote for motion proposed)

The monthly net profits includes : total of BTC or LTC earned with fees on transactions + all other crypto currencies fees and usd, Eur fees converted daily to btc or ltc. 50% of this amount will be issued monthly as dividend to the shareholders owning 50% of the right on dividend.
The dividend will be issued, the first day of each month. All shares sold on public market are entitled to the dividend payment.  The dividend could be also provided weekly instead of monthly at the whole discretion of the issuer.
The first dividend will be issued the first month after the launch of the website.
The dividend will be issued proportionately to the number  of shares sold until all shares are sold in public market.
Ex: If only 1 batch of 10% has been sold, 10% of the total website profits will be issued as dividend.

We cannot predict our future dividend and can only analyse monthly profits of our competitors who match around our planned fees. This website ( we won’t expose their identity) does trades summing up to 100k to 200k usd total volume daily and gets 0.4% of this volume around. This would mean a profit of 400 to 800 usd daily. According our estimation, after few months of operation we could make a profit of 25 000 USD monthly easily, and we would reverse if we reach this level, 12.500 USD monthly. This would make the dividend to few % monthly profits for shareholders.

Share Buyback
The issuer has no right to buy back. Shares are definitive sold on public market and the only way for issuer to buy back will be to buy it on public market.

All important announcements will be made on:
 - Exchanges where listing are listed using their own mailing or inside system

Risks and profitability
You must consider this investment a medium risk investment with a high possibility of profits depending on volume observed on other competitors. However operating a crypto currency trading platform incurs some risk related to crypto currencies themselves ( double spend attacks, …) as well as the website could be victims of attack which could impact profits. However , be informed about the fact that we are specialist in server security since years and we will provide our best to avoid such incidents.

Closure of activities
The company can be closed and its activity stopped,  if one of the following case appears :
-   The company suffers losses for 6 months consecutively.
-   The 3 managers are incapable to manage (death, hospitalized for a long time , natural disaster…)
-   One justice order orders us to close our activies ( risk decreased as the final company will be registered in an offshore country with an exchange market not regulated)

Liquidation of the operation in case of closure:
The following describe actions that will be taken in the case of the company’s closure.
In the best case the company will be sold to a competitor or to another big company willing to expand their business in another fields. 50% of sales price will redistributed to shareholders as a final dividend in order to close the fund.
In the worst scenario, all assets will be liquidated and 50% of revenues will be redistributed to shareholders.

Every potential investor are requested to analyze this offer seriously before going ahead to ensure that it meets their expectations and requirements.  The only example for estimations of profits are competitors and this is what we chalked out based on our estimations.

Link to the listing on and : Coming soon

Regards, Neotrix ( Owner and shareholder of Esecurity SA, and

Executive Summary will accept trading with EUR and USD ( AUD and more will be added if needed for BTC) for BTC, LTC, NMC, PPC, TRC, DVC.
Pairs offered for trading will be (more will be added) :
More currencies and cryptocurrencies can be added later.


Business Description will accept trading with EUR and USD ( AUD and more will be added if needed for BTC) for BTC, LTC, NMC, PPC, TRC, DVC.
Pairs offered for trading will be (more will be added) :
More currencies and cryptocurrencies can be added later.

Fees of transactions will be as follows :
0.2% fees transaction for standard member
0.15% fees transaction for VIP member ( more than x volume monthly, more than x shares owned, or other categories can be considered later)

We decided to sell 50% to public for many reasons quoted below:

We don't really need any funding for this project as we paid all ourself already and we could financially cover all cost for the launch and marketing, However this operation could have multi effects. While assuring a huge promotion of the site in the community the fund of sales will be used in part to add more features, deposit and withdraw option and more. Good dividend can also be provided to a lot of people in the community according to trade volume and fees calculation as observed daily with respect to actual competitors. I would like to indicate that I don't really need funding for this project and can fund everything by myself, however I see a great potential and benefit to make the public 50% shareholder , as explained previously, mainly for promotion purposes.



Definition of the Market

Our target customers are:

- Every crypto currency user have to use an exchanger if he want to convert his BTC, LTC, USD or EUR.

- With recent popularity of BTC, as well of LTC, more and moe traders or investors are investigating the market. This group of people will represent a great volume for our website as we will work to make our API one of the best on the market.

- We planned to add mst of Alternate crypto currencies which shoud attract new users or traders, as some of Alternat crypto currencies we plan to add cannot be trader in many place right now.

We are working on a large offer to deposit or withdraw fiat currencies, as we know this one of main factors why user choose to trade on one or another trading plateform. We will also give a special attention to this part of project.

Products and Services

We decided to create an alternative to BTC-e or Mtgox feeling the market was open for it. Our fees will be same than the cheaper actual service, while our VIP member having lage volume will have 0.15% fees only on transaction which will be the cheapest fees on market. Crypto-trade will is also owned by a legal entity registered. will show you most of features planned.

The demo is only a prototype and will be updated daily from now to the launch date. Many functions are not enabled actually so you dont need to report any bugs of any sort. Anyways, suggestions for new features, improvement of present ones and other ideas are always welcomed. The display values or figures are dummy values and are in no way reflecting real figures.

The actual hosting is a shared hosting which is purposely used for testing and it will be moved to an efficient dedicated server with 16 cores, plugged onto Esecurity SA Network with High DDOS protection ( Dont be surprised to see the website not loading as fast as it will soon be blazing fast with upgrade in hardware and network.So you may experience performance issues at the moment.

PS : please use only Mozilla firefox for now, other navigator are not fixed and could create problem during your navigation.

Organization and Management

Actual company Esecurity SA is owned by 2 shareholders. ME and my associate in business for years (Technical manager of

The new company we will create specially for cryto-trade will be owned by 3 people.

I will own 34% of the company

My associate of esecurity SA will own 33%

The main developer working on this project will own 33%

I will be the main manager of website and ceo of the company. My associate will manage server and hardware part, while the developer will keep updated the website.

Marketing Strategy

The listing itself and the fact that 50% of the company will be publically owned, make the promotion done mainly by itself. Each shareholder will have great interest to use our service instead another.

A budget will be allowed for advertising on forum and others, while we will put our SEO expert on the thread to have a nice position in most search engine. This budget will be paid by ourself and not deducted from any income before dividend.

We like to think our team experienced in many threads since years as well as our relations with specialist in most of internet thread, will be a great help in our marketing strategy.

Financial Management

The website has been created by ourself. 1 dedicated 16 cores server will be bought and plugged or free and for lifetime of the project, to the Esecurity SA DDOS protected network. The new company will registered at our expense as well as all other expense to complete the project.

We cannot predict our future dividend and can only analyse monthly profits of our competitors who match around our planned fees. This website ( we won’t expose their identity) does trades summing up to 100k to 200k usd total volume daily and gets 0.4% of this volume around. This would mean a profit of 400 to 800 usd daily. According our estimation, after few months of operation we could make a profit of 25 000 USD monthly easily, and we would reverse if we reach this level, 12.500 USD monthly. This would make the dividend to few % monthly profits for shareholders.

ʡ = Recent Notification or Pending Motion, ʬ = Recent Contract or Prospectus Change