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ICEDRILL.ASIC  operated by DeaDTerra  

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Company Details:

DigiMex Ltd, a British Virgin Islands company (BVI Company Number: 1784369), a subsidiary of PetaMex Ltd, a British Virgin Islands company (BVI Company Number: 1784386).
Registration Document(s):

Address: Bel air on the peak, phase 4, tower 7, unit 19A, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Telephone:  +852-8197-PETA or +852-8191-4755


Ludvig Öberg:




Skype: terragubben

Title: Asset manager (Not a shareholder/Owner, nor the issuer of the asset)

Mobile Number: +46735691370 (Please only call during the hours 10-20 CET)


David Shin:

Role: Shareholder/Owner



Willem van Rooyen:

Role: Shareholder/Owner

Task: Mining logistics, location setup, technical team/consultant director.




Lourens Vorster:

Title: Shareholder/Owner, Director



Felix Ng:

Title: Shareholder/Owner




Please note that we have already raised and sold two batches of shares, which means that we have acquired (and paid for) a substantial amount of enterprise-level hashing power from Hashfast. The IceDrill project will go ahead.

Also note that the total amount of shares and the profit percentages will be adjusted such that each public share holds 10 Mhash of mining power of the initial hashing power. A example of how this would look is pictured below.


Each share represents a percentage of profit (to be locked in at IPO completion), based upon amount of hashing power and amount of shares. Please note that each share will be balanced such that it is worth 10 Mhash at startup) of the profit of DigiMex (The Issuer) and gives the holder right to profit gained from the output (profit % to be locked in at IPO completion) of the IceDrill. Profit is defined as income from mined bitcoin minus electricity cost,rent and maintenance. 75% (of this profit) will be paid in interest every week (every Sunday) and 25% of the profit will be reinvested in additional mining capacity. The holder of the share has the right to the full profit of any hardware purchased with these reinvestments (the 75%/25% distribution rule will again apply to hardware acquired through reinvestment).

Trigger event of IPO completion is when either one of the following events occur:

1. All public shares (maximum 30,000,000) have been sold.

2. Midnight, 25 September 2013 (UTC).

The shares have no voting power. Shares of IceDrill.ASIC on BTC-TC do not represent shares of DigiMex. The shares are solely a distribution mechanism for rights to profits of DigiMex. Profit distribution will not be dependent on BTC-TC existence, in the case of where BTC-TC is closed down the asset will be moved to another platform, if no adequate platform exists then payouts will happen manually to the shareholders bitcoin address.

The Issuer has the right to terminate the asset in the event of insolvency by liquidating any company savings to pay out a final dividend.  In the event of a sale of the mine, the profit made will be split proportionally amongst the asset owners. The issuer has the right to release the predetermined amount up to the total amount of shares (to be determined at IPO completion) which is less or equal to a 30/70 (maximum) split of private to public shares at any time and for any price shares.  Because each new share holds the same proportion of the company even after more issuance, there will be no dilution to the previously sold shares.

The issuer has the right to change the price and/or amount of any scheduled batches of shares.

Please note that DigiMex will be operated by PetaMex in the foreseeable future. However, the operators (PetaMex in this case) retains the right to stop Digimex operations if it becomes operationally unprofitable. At that point, this agreement will automatically be terminated. In addition, we would not preclude the possibility that DigiMex may be sold to another operator.

Clause added in benefit of public shareholders

No dividends will be paid to the holders of private shares until holders of public shares have received an accumulated dividend of 0.0016 BitCoin per share. After which, proceeds from mining will be distributed proportionally such that there would be no difference between floating shares or private shares.

Private shares can be converted into floating shares after all public shares have received an accumulated dividend of 0.0016 BitCoin per share.


To build the IceDrill mine, DigiMex has a special relationship with HashFast to acquire significant volumes of its new 400 Gh.s-1 (nominal speed) ASIC chips on a continual basis.


The IceDrill mine, at launch, will be running with at least 235 Terahashes (235,000 Gigahashes) of power. However, this asset is NOT tied to a specific hashrate. Rather, it is tied to a specific percentage of IceDrill profits, meaning that as the mine grows in hash power, so too do the profits earned by the shares. While one share will be worth roughly 10 Mhash of mining power upon launch, it will be worth more hash power over time as the mine grows.


In order to grow, 75% of the profit from each asset share will be paid out to the investor, and the remaining 25% will be reinvested in additional mining capacity on a continual basis. Thus, the mine will grow substantially over time to maintain the most efficient market share.


The IceDrill mine will launch with at least 235Th.s-1 capacity in the last quarter of 2013, likely in November.


Executive Summary

The builder and operator of the IceDrill mining farm, and the administrator of the IceDrill. ASIC asset is DigiMex (BVI Company registration number 1784369). DigiMex is in turn owned by PetaMex Limited (BVI Company registration number 1784386).

DigiMex will deploy ASIC mining hardware into a secure, scalable environment and pay profits earned from the operation to investors as dividends.

Business Description

DigiMex Ltd will purchase Bitcoin Mining equipment and deploy it in a secure, scalable environment to achieve economy of scale benefits to ensure more stable and long-term returns on investment.

Money raised through this offering will be combined with privately-raised capital (already secured) for the purpose of purchasing specialized ASIC mining equipment and establishing a secure, climate-controlled mine facility in Europe (the exact location is already selected but is confidential for security reasons).

Mining start date: The estimated time of delivery is Q4 of 2013.

The physical mine location will be prepared in September, prior to ASIC chip delivery. ASIC Chips will arrive in early November. The IceDrill mine will be operational in Q4 2013, likely in November.

Why should you believe in this timeframe? Because we are working with HashFast. We invite you to consider their ability to deliver chips on time and to spec for yourselves.

The ASIC manufacturer is HashFast, which recently made its announcement here, you can also check out their website for more information:


Definition of the Market

Enterprise-Level Bitcoin Mining.


Products and Services

The IceDrill mine will start by hosting and maintaining bitcoin hashing power for its investors.

The Initial hashing power will be provided by Hash Fast.


Organization and Management

The management team for DigiMex Ltd is listed in the Issuer detail section. The IceDrill mining operation will be management by the team itself, or consulting experts on an ad-hoc basis.


Marketing Strategy

The target market is that of investors who want to invest in bitcoin mining without the management overhead of running a mining operation of any size. The share price (low barrier of entry) was designed to allow for anyone to invest in the IceDrill to enable further decentralization of ownership.

Regular updates on the progress of the hardware and mine operations will be posted on the bitcointalk thread:


Financial Management

Profit will be paid as dividends every week (every Sunday) and 25% of the profit will be reinvested in additional mining capacity.

BTC-TC share sale details:

The shares will be sold in three batches:

Please note that the two first batches has already been sold at BitFunder, a portion of Batch 3 will be listed on BTC-TC. The shares sold on BTC-TC are the same as the ones sold on BitFunder, with the same rights and contract.

The first batch is a initial sale of 14,500,000  (14.5 million) shares, which will be sold on BTC-TC for 0.0014 BTC per share. The first batch will raise money to partially pay for chips and mining equipment from the manufacturer (HashFast, see thread This money needs to be raised before the 12th of August (00:00:00 UTC, 12 August 2013) for this IPO to be deemed successful.

The second batch of 3,500,000 (3.5 million) shares and will be sold at 0.0015 BTC per share. Proceeds raised from this sale will help pay for more hardware and build out of the compute center/mine location. This batch needs to be sold by the 25th of August (00:00:00 UTC, 25 August 2013) for the IPO to be deemed a success. If this does not occur then any money collected will be reimbursed to the investors. At the opening of the mine, this equates to a price of 0.15 BTC per Gh.s-1.

The third batch is of 7,000,000 (7 million) shares and will be sold at the price of 0.0016 BTC per share. These assets have to be sold by the 30th of September (00:00:00 UTC, 30 September 2013) before the offer expires. At the opening of the mine, this equates to a price of 0.16 BTC per Gh.s-1.

Keep in mind that the Gigahashes represented per share will grow over time as the reinvested Bitcoins are used to purchase more hardware.

Financial Projections

Basic spreadsheet/tool for general bitcoin mining profitability calculations:

Please note that the scenarios that have been set up are examples and do not represent the future or actual profits. Please do you own due diligence before deciding to invest. If you want to setup your own scenarios please copy paste and plug in your own numbers. Please note that these figures do not include the electricity and rent costs. Please see other estimates of mining facilities for a cost budget.

Financial Risks:

Please note that any risks that DigiMex assumes is also a risk for the investor, as an investor owns a share of the profit and not the hardware. This may include but is not limited to risk such as failure of delivery of hardware (due to chip design flaw, malfunction in production, delays etc), theft of hardware, damage to hardware etc. Please consider this before investing,

This Bitcoin-related investment is a high risk investment and you should only invest as much as you can afford to lose. No guarantee is made of any return or profit whatsoever.


ʡ = Recent Notification or Pending Motion, ʬ = Recent Contract or Prospectus Change