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Kenilworth Press Release - Posted: 7 years ago

We are pleased to announce that Kenilworth Exploration Ltd, has secured an investment of $250,000 Australian dollars into our IPO at a value per share of BTC0.0018. These funds will be available in September together with funds already invested by our current shareholders. This now gives us sufficient funds to initiate our Electromagnetic Survey (EM) using Helitem Technology for certain portions of our three EL's. Helitem is the worlds most powerful time-domain electromagnetic system, ensuring the greatest depth of exploration possible for any electromagnetic system.

The IPO will remain open at the current offer price as this EM survey commences and the IPO (Round 1) will close on the presentation of our survey results in approximately four months. Our initial EM survey was budgeted to cost $456,663 Australian Dollars however this did not include supervision and analysis costs, so our current program will be reduced in size and be very targeted.

We intend to complete the full EM survey area following increased investor confidence with the release of the results in four months. We appreciate that investors on the bitcoin exchanges have been cautious in their support of our IPO. However, we believe by staying the course and proving the presence of mineralization we will build confidence in the permanence and long term value of our mineral assets.

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Issuer prendergast123 <>
Issuer Detail

Leo J Prendergast
Kenilworth Exploration Limited
Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia
Tel: +353 1 6272636

Company Accountant
Glenn T Green Accountants,
Level 1, 29 Church Street Dubbo NSW 2830
Company Auditor
Rothsay Chartered Accountants
Level 1, 12 O’Connell Street Sydney NSW 2000
Company Solicitor
Austen Brown Boog Solicitors
21 Church Street Dubbo NSW 2830
Corporate Trustee
Unlisted Services Pty Ltd
Suite 14 ‘Riverwalk Place’ 2 Waterfront Place Robina Qld 4226
Company Website
The Company has a website at for the marketing and promotion of its products or services and is continually adding to and updating the site as the need arises.
Who to contact
After having read this Publication, if you then wish to arrange to meet with a Director or Chief Executive Officer of Kenilworth Exploration Limited, then you should contact:

Mr Leo Prendergast

T: +35316272636

M : +353 85 2293462

E :

Mr Patrick Prendergast

T: +35316272636

E :

Kenilworth Exploration Limited (“Kenilworth”) is an Australian-based mineral exploration and development company with a focus on gold, copper, zinc and rare earth elements in the Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales, Australia.

Kenilworth Exploration Limited was created on the 27th day of April 2006. On the 24th day of October 2012 the Company was converted with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to an unlisted public company.

Publication Document

Stockholder Agreement


We are presenting a unique opportunity for Bitcoin holders to directly impact and participate in mineral exploration in Australia, utilizing the most advanced electromagnetic investigational techniques to identify mineral reserves underground. Your investment allows this to happen in a fast and efficient manner and you can follow as your asset value appreciates over a period of four months. At the end of each phase of the geological investigations, an independent international accredited company with expertise in evaluation of mineral exploration assets, will give another valuation of Kenilworth Exploration. Turn your Bitcoins into real mineral wealth in Australia by purchasing a share in our asset appreciation program within Kenilworth Exploration Ltd.

Our company has a strong and experienced Board, and a Joint Venture with a leading ASX listed Mineral Exploration team, at Thomson Resources Limited. We have a 100% interest in three exploration licenses (EL's) and a 50% interest in three other EL's belonging to our Joint venture partners. We have obtained an independent valuation of $19 million on our 3 Kenilworth EL's from the accredited international mineral evaluation company SRK Exploration Services Limited


The company Kenilworth Exploration Limited has NO Debt and has an independent valuation of its current mineral exploration assets. This gives a median valuation of US$19.1 million with a minimum valuation of US$ 3.5 million. Kenilworth Exploration is now placing a opportunity to raise $925,000 to fund the next phase of mineral exploration development,which will include a high powered electromagnetic (EM) scan of our exploration tenements to identify and confirm mineral deposits. 

This funding round will see a sale of a 17% equity position of Kenilworth Exploration Limited in return for a funding of $925,000. Thus, the Bitcoin investment will enter the company at a market-cap of $ 5.4 million. Note the medium valuation of the asset is $ 19 million. However, the initial investors are able to enter this funding round at $ 5.4 million. Within four months of reaching the $925,000 mark, we will have completed the EM survey and received a renewed valuation from an international mineral asset accredited company, such as SRK Exploration Services Limited.

This new valuation will encompass not only our three 100% owned EL’s, but also our three EL’s in which we hold a 50% interest, which we share with Thomson Resources Limited. This valuation would be envisaged to return a valuation many times greater than the current $19 million.

These funds will be utilized in a period of four months, to carry out an intensive and highly focused electromagnetic (EM) survey across our mineral exploration areas. This EM survey will utilize the world’s most powerful helicopter suspended time-domain electromagnetic system. This system is the state of the art and premium survey technique developed to identify the location of mineral deposits under the ground. The data generated, utilizing these funds, will clearly define our mineral reserves. This data will enhance our asset valuation. The use of proceeds are as set out in this document (Attachment Document) under the headings EM Surveys.

Once the mineral targets are identified then two additional rounds of funding will be sought to undertake a drilling program. The estimated drilling costs will be in the order of $1.85 million. The second round of fundings for $925,000 will see the issuing of 4,022,304 shares and the 3rd round for $925,000 will see the issuing of 3,190,104 shares from the total of 35,820,677 shares. Once the EM survey is completed during the next four months, Kenilworth Exploration Limited will engage the services of an accredited international mineral evaluation company, who will re-evaluate our assets, given that we will at that time have located and identified all mineral deposits in our exploration license areas. The Board is extremely confident that the data generated will increase our asset valuation by a substantial factor during the next six months.

• Upon sale of assets, proceeds from sales will be distributed evenly among all shareholders, per an agreed and approved Dividend policy.
• Any future profits/earnings will be distributed by way of Dividends.
• Any increase in shares would result in a proportional dilution of all shareholders at the time of such increase.

Investment Return

Once the electromagnet valuations of all sites have been completed, Kenilworth will seek out a mining partner. A mining partner may purchase Kenilworth outright for a lump sum, or may exchange mineral rights for shares of the mining companies company. In the event of a rights for shares trade, Kenilworth shareholders would continue earning passthrough earnings from the mining company's shares held by Kenilworth as long as they are provided.

This means a long term payout, but also benefits from the mining companies other mines.

When the time comes and an offer is made, a vote will be posted with the details on the options presented to Kenilworth. During any vote, all shares are counted equally. A majority vote will decide.


Publication Document

Executive Summary

Kenilworth Exploration Limited (“Kenilworth”) is an active minerals explorer in the Lachlan Fold Belt of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. It is the Company’s intention to become a substantial gold and metals prospect holder in the region. The main locations that are the subject of this capital raising include the Wilga Downs Tenement Project, the Byrock Tenement Project and the Yandilla Tenement Project.

The Company has secured three exploration licences in the Byrock region, with preliminary findings on the sites yielding positive results. These tenements are the subject of a robust valuation supported by aerial and ground surveys. Geological experts have advised that precious and base metals are the most prospective in the geological area of the tenements.

An independent geological valuation conducted by SRK Exploration Services found that the Kenilworth licences sit in prospective geological addresses similar to that of the world class Peak Gold Mine (owned and operated by NewGold ~Global intermediate gold producer listed on the NYSE [NGD : NYSE]), hosting shear/structural land formations that cultivate significant gold and copper mineralisation, as well as possible porphyry styles that are conducive towards gold-rich and copper-rich resource findings. Kenilworth’s exploration assets are currently valued at a minimum of US$3.5 million, with a maximum potential value of US$264 million on the basis of this valuation.

With great prospects already assessed on each of the resource sites, a positive outcome delivered from exploration activities could multiply Kenilworth Exploration’s current market valuation and significantly increase its market capitalisation. Kenilworth Exploration has entered into a joint venture and management agreement with Thomson Resources Limited ( ASX : TMZ ) and will benefit from greater economies of scale and work with some of the most talented managers and engineers that Thomson Resources has to offer. The Company will also capitalise on its newly acquired 50% interest in three of Thomson Resources’ key exploration licences in the our region.

As such, Kenilworth Exploration is seeking AU$ 2,775,390.00 in three rounds of funding in order to undertake the electromagnetic survey and drilling program as described in this information package, the expenditure of these funds will deliver significant value appreciation for both investors and shareholders.

Publication Document

Business Description

Kenilworth Exploration Limited ("Kenilworth") is a Dubbo NSW Australia based company carrying out exploration on its three tenements in the Lachlan Fold Belt in Central West New South Wales. The Lachlan Fold Belt is a longstanding, proven mineralised region of Australia. Several world class mines already operate within the area, including Cobar’s Endeavor, CSA, and Peak Mines; Tritton Mine; and Mineral Hill, and new discoveries have been made at Mount Boppy, Hera, Tottenham, Wonawinta and Nymagee.

It is the Company’s intention to become a substantial gold and base metals prospect holder in the region. Our three exploration licences provide Kenilworth with a diversified suite of valued commodities in a well-serviced mining province with excellent infrastructure. Kenilworth has taken advantage of significant improvements to the technical database made available for all explorers in New South Wales, Australia, initiated by the NSW State Government. These technical advances, together with significant drilling and geological fieldwork carried out by leading independent geologists, have produced for Kenilworth shareholders a significant mineral exploration opportunity.

The primary purpose of this information document is to raise AU$ 2,775,390.00 to undertake a detailed airborne geophysics (AEM) survey and follow-up drilling. The AEM survey will more definitely target the Company’s strategic mineralisation locations and other anomalies within the three tenements, exploration licences 7807, 7808 and 7809. Following this survey, a drilling program will be initiated to determine the characteristics of our mineral reserves.

Our Company has acquired data and cores from unpublished drilling in the region over the past three decades, and has expended significant funds in so doing, and also from analysing and exploring and delineating drill targets in the area of Byrock/Wilga Downs and Yandilla (collectively, “the tenements”). We are confident that the results obtained from our planned development program will position Kenilworth to multiply its current valuation and enable us to potentially sell the licences to more senior mining companies, or to proceed to list our Company on a suitable stock exchange. The Company has obtained an independent technical valuation of the Kenilworth Exploration Assets from an expert professional group, SRK Exploration Services Limited in the United Kingdom, giving a conservative median valuation, as of August 2011, of US$ 19.1 million.

Our joint venture with Thomson Resources Limited ( ASX: TMZ ) ensures exploration works will be undertaken by one of Australia’s leading exploration companies deploying high levels of geological technical and operational expertise to the project. This document contains detailed information about the Company, its tenements and the risks associated with an investment in a speculative minerals exploration company. Please study the Kenilworth document carefully in order to make an informed decision regarding investing in our Company. (Attachment Document)

Kenilworth provides investors the opportunity to take part in a highly focused exploration program of short duration, in a long-established and successfully developed mining region of Australia.


Publication Document

Definition of the Market

The Company, in common with other companies participating in the mineral exploration arena, is affected by
general economic conditions, including the level of interest rates, employment rates and inflation. Changes in
government, fiscal, monetary and regulatory policies may also affect the business of the Company.
The shares allotted under this fund raising, carry no guarantee in respect of profitability, dividends, return on
capital, or value.

These funding rounds are intended to raise sufficient capital to fund the ongoing development and working
capital needs of the Company during its next phases of operation.

The Company may need to raise additional funds (through a further capital raising or debt) at some future time
after conclusion of the present funding rounds. Should such an unforeseen additional raising of funds be needed it will have the effect of diluting the interests of all shareholders of the Company equally.

The ability of the Company to effectively implement & expand its business plan over time may depend, in part,
on its ability to raise additional funds. There can be no assurance that any equity or debt funding will be available to the Company, or be available on acceptable terms.

The Company is subject to various forms of taxation, including company tax and goods and services tax.
An increase, change in the application or introduction of a new tax could materially affect the performance
and financial position of the Company.


Publication Document

Products and Services

Kenilworth exploration's product is it's mineral reserves. The first round of funding will further identify with more accuracy these reserves, the funds from round two and three fundings will be used to confirm and quantify (parts per million) of these reserves. 

Accordingly the asset value of our product will be increased by the expenditure of each round of fundings and with the increased values of our assets the shareholders and investors will see an increase in the value of their equity position.

Publication Document

Organization and Management

Patrick Prendergast PhD
Since licensing his first medical molecule to a major pharmaceutical corporation in 1987, Patrick Prendergast has successfully combined scientific discovery with international business development and management. Born in Ireland in 1953, Patrick has academic qualifications in Microbiology and Biotechnology and has acted as Chief Scientific Officer of Hollis-Eden Pharmaceutical Inc., a NASDAQ listed Pharmaceutical Corporation, Ticker HEPH, from 1994 to 2000. Patrick was the inventor of all technologies held by HEPH, which at one
time had a market capitalisation of over $500M. Patrick’s relationship with Australia began in 2000 when he purchased a large farm, Kenilworth Station, in North West NSW, where he resides for some months each year.

Since 2000 he has focused his business management skills upon developing Canopus BioPharma Inc. (Ticker, a US biotechnology research corporation into which he has licensed over twenty of his own patented technologies. Patrick is Chairman and CEO of Canopus BioPharma Inc., which carries out ongoing medical clinical research in the areas of Hepatitis C, Mucositis, Sarcopenia and cardiac stent design. Additionally, Patrick has established an extensive research relationship with the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences at the Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia, since 2006. This research has seen the development of novel antibiotics and a successful clinical study of an anxiolytic agent, patented by Patrick.

Patrick’s interest in mineralogy began in 1983 when he studied the anti-radiation properties of certain bauxite derivatives, a technology he licensed to a European government agency in 1985. Upon purchasing Kenilworth Station Patrick researched the previous mineral exploration activities in the area and undertook a private investment into reconnaissance and grab sampling. Twenty-four RAB drills and one diamond drill to a depth of 600m were drilled during this research phase, and this work confirmed the existence of potential mineral deposits in the region. Kenilworth Exploration Limited was formed in 2006, and it applied for exploration licences over available tenements in the local area.

Patrick has been the driving force behind the formation of the joint venture with Thomson Resources Limited ( ASX: TMZ) and their appointment as Exploration Managers, and consequently Kenilworth Exploration Limited is now poised to commence the identification, location and extent potential mineral deposits within the exploration licensees held the company. Patrick enjoys the excitement of discovery and the challenges of using the latest technology to unlock the mineral potential of the Kenilworth tenements. He looks forward to leading the Kenilworth Exploration team to success.

Leo Prendergast (M.A., M.Sc. B.A.I.)
Born in 1954 in Ireland, Leo Prendergast acts as Chief Operations Officer of Canopus BioPharma Inc., a US biotechnology research and development corporation ( He graduated from Trinity College in Dublin (1978) with a Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science, and qualified with a Degree of Civil Engineering.

During his college years he formed an engineering manufacturing business and focused upon tendering and supplying components to the telecommunication industry in Ireland and the UK. Upon graduating, he lectured in Soil Mechanics and Civil Construction at the Bolton Street College of Technology, Dublin, and at the Dundalk Institute of Technology. His engineering and mathematical foundations provide him with the tools to manage and coordinate project development strategies, incorporating legal agreement, financing and personnel.
When his brother Patrick successfully licensed technology in 1987 to Élan Corporation, Leo joined forces with him and became the business manager for the fledgling enterprise. Leo has spent the past twenty-five years acting as Chief Operations Officer for the various biotechnology corporate entities formed by Patrick to develop his patented technologies. Leo
enjoys the challenges of management and coordinating both finances and personnel, and acted as Business Development Officer of Hollis-Eden Pharmaceutical Inc. from 1994 to 1997. Since 2001 Leo has coordinated and managed all the geological work and drilling upon Kenilworth and its environs.

John Lee
John was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1949. At an early age he took a strong interest in geology and natural sciences, and subsequently majored in Geology at the University of NSW in 1971. During the early 1970s he was engaged by Cundill Meyers & Associates, a leading mineral and petroleum consulting group, and worked on various mineral exploration projects within Australia, the Territory of Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, focusing on copper and gold mineralisation.

In 1974 he joined the mineral exploration team of Elf Aquitaine (now Total Group) and worked for many years on a variety of projects throughout Australia, focusing mainly on sedimentary hosted lead-zinc and copper deposits. He was appointed the South Australian Manager of Exploration in 1975, and in 1980 became responsible for the company’s Australia-wide exploration for sedimentary-hosted deposits, including management of the Bonaparte Basin lead and zinc resources.

In 1982 John joined the petroleum division of Elf Aquitaine and was closely involved in the discovery of oil and gas resources in the offshore Bonaparte Basin and Timor Sea. In 1987 he joined a newly established company, Kingston Petroleum Limited, and as Managing Director he brought together a number of oil & gas projects in Queensland and the USA. Hydroilex Pty Ltd was established in the same year, providing consulting geological and geophysical services to the mining, petroleum and groundwater industries for some 25 years. Significant exploration experience was also attained in the Kenilworth region. In 2003 John formed Hot Rock Energy Pty Ltd, focusing on evaluating deep geothermal systems in the Sydney Basin. In 2000 he initiated PhD studies in the Sydney Basin, focusing on the structure and stratigraphy of the Hawkesbury Sandstone. Other business interests include property development and coal resources. John has been appointed CEO of Kenilworth Exploration Limited and foresees an exciting exploration program in the areas held by both Kenilworth and Thomson Resources. John will be responsible for the management and oversight of the joint venture with Thomson Resources.

Peter O’Neill
Member - Australian Institute of Company
Peter O’Neill has been in senior management for more than 35 years with organisations in Australia and overseas. He has significant commercial experience in management of companies at senior levels in manufacturing, fabrication, high-tech, environmental and financial services. Peter was previously Managing Director of TechStar Ltd (a public company listed on the ASX that specialised in funding & commercialising new technologies) and has been Managing Director of five other companies. He has been appointed Chairman of the Board with four companies and has been a Director on sixteen company boards throughout his business career. He is currently Chairman of two companies and Director of three public companies. Peter brings extensive management and directorship experience to the Kenilworth Board.

Edward Prendergast (M.Sc, M.A, B.A.I., M.I.E.I)
Edward has over 30 years experience in civil infrastructure and environmental works relating to mining and oil explorations. He obtained his M.Sc. in metallurgy from Trinity College Dublin and also qualified with a degree in Engineering Science. Edward also has a M.A. in mathematics. He has operated as a consulting engineer in Ireland, Papua New Guineas, Somalia, Ethiopia and Australia and has worked with BHPB (MinEx), Sasol, Africa Oil, Africa Minerals and other entities. He has extensive on-site management experience and specialises in the area of
environmental impacts of exploration works. Edward has already worked as an independent consultant with Kenilworth Explorations on its initial explorations in Australia.

David Bending (B. Sc., M.Sc., P.Geo)
David Bending has 25 years of exploration, mining and corporate development experience with major mining companies including 14 years with Homestake Mining Company where
he served as Exploration Manager in Latin America. He has also held various top executive and senior positions in other exploration and mining companies. He is fully conversant in Portuguese, Spanish and French in addition to English and is familiar with mining law, mining development trends and business practices throughout the Americas. He is a Professional Geologist certified by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of British Columbia. John is an honours B.Sc. Geology graduate from University of Oregon and also completed his M. Sc. at University of Toronto in Mineral Deposits Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics.


Publication Document

Marketing Strategy

The present round of investment (first round) will see 75% of the funds raised utilized directly to undertake the most scientifically advanced detailed Electromagnet Surveys of all our tenements, and only 7% will be used on in-house salaries. Investors will see a ROI when we confirm our mineral deposit and we are acquired by one of the major mining operators, our timelines are focused and short, this is not a long term investment into salaries and overheads, it's an investment to confirm a mineral deposit that will be attractive to the majors.



Publication Document

Financial Management

Expenditure per Funding Rounds

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
AEM Survey Mobilisation $ 42,000.00     $ 42,000.00
AEM $ 456,663.00     $ 456,663.00
AEM Standby Provision $ 14,400.00     $ 14,400.00
AEM Interpretation $ 38,000.00     $ 38,000.00
AEM Consultancy/Expertise $ 60,000.00     $ 60,000.00
Independent Valuation Reports $ 50,000.00 $ 25,000.00 $ 25,000.00 $ 100,000.00
NQ Drilling   $ 490,000.00 $ 519,800.00 $ 1,009,800.00
Mobilisation/Decommissioning   $ 45,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 55,000.00
Down Hole Surveys   $ 7,000.00 $ 7,400.00 $ 14,400.00
Core Analysis   $ 7,250.00 $ 8,590.00 $ 15,840.00
PIMA Analysis   $ 2,000.00 $ 3,850.00 $ 5,850.00
Geo. Consultants $ 80,000.00 $ 70,000.00 $ 90,000.00 $ 240,000.00
Management/Coordination $ 64,000.00 $ 47,000.00 $ 44,000.00 $ 155,000.00
Insurances $ 18,000.00 $ 12,000.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 45,000.00
Tele/Communication equipment $ 5,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 18,000.00
Core Storage   $ 7,500.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 16,500.00
Corporate Compliance $ 25,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 20,000.00 $ 50,000.00
Thompson Joint Venture   $ 165,000.00 $ 135,000.00 $ 300,000.00
Mineral Department $ 22,000.00 $ 15.000.00   $ 37,000.00
Micellaneous (fees/printing etc.) $ 49,500.00 $ 18,000.00 $ 34,437.00 $ 101,937.00
  $ 924,563.00 $ 925,750.00 $ 925,077.00 $ 2,775,390.00




 Kenilworth Exploration Liminted - Cashflows and Funding Expenditure per Funding Round

24 Month Cash Flow Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12 Quarter 5 Quarter 6 Quarter 7 Quarter 8 Total
AEM Survay Mobilisation $ 42,000.00                               $ 42,000.00
AEM $ 228,332.00 $ 228,331.00                             $ 456,663.00
AEM Standby provisions $ 7,200.00 $ 7,200.00                             $ 14,400.00
AEM Interpretation $ 13,000.00 $ 25,000.00                             $ 38,000.00
AEM Servey Micellaneous $ 20,000.00  $ 20,000.00 $ 20,000.00                           $ 60,000.00
Independant Valuation Report     $ 30,000.00 $ 20,000.00         $ 25,000.00           $ 25,000.00   $ 100,000.00
NQ Drilling         $ 50,000.00 $ 90,000.00 $ 90,000.00 $ 80,000.00 $ 90,000.00 $ 90,000.00 $ 90,000.00 $ 80,000.00 $ 175,000.00 $ 174,800.00     $ 1,009,800.00
Mobilisation/Decommissioning         $ 15,000.00     $ 15,000.00       $ 15,000.00     $ 10,000.00   $ 55,000.00
Down Hole Surveys           $ 1,000.00 $ 1,000.00 $ 2,000.00 $ 1,000.00 $ 2,000.00 $ 1,000.00 $ 1,00.00 $ 2,700.00 $ 2,700.00     $ 14,400.00
Core Analysis             $ 1,250.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 1,090.00   $ 15,840.00
PIMA Analysis               $ 1,000.00   $ 1,000.00   $ 1,000.00 $ 1,600.00 $ 1,250.00     $ 5,850.00
Geo. Consultants $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 10,000.00 $ 30,000.00 $ 30,000.00 $ 30,000.00 $ 30,000.00 $ 240,000.00
Management/Coordination $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 8,000.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 15,000.00 $ 14,000.00 $ 155,000.00
Insurances $ 6,000.00     $ 6,000.00     $ 6,000.00     $ 6,000.00     $ 6,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 45,000.00
Tele/Communication equipment     $ 5,000.00     $ 5,000.00   $ 2,000.00     $ 3,000.00   $ 1,500.00   $ 1,500.00   $ 18,000.00
Core Storage             $ 1,500.00   $ 1,500.00   $ 1,500.00   $ 3,000.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 3,000.00 $ 16,500.00
Corporate Compliance $ 15,000.00     $ 5,000.00     $ 5,000.00     $ 5,000.00     $ 5,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 50,000.00
Thompson Joint Venture           $ 60,000.00   $ 60,000.00     $ 45,000.00   $ 68,000.00 $ 67,000.0     $ 300,000.00
Mineral Department $ 22,000.00                       $ 15,000.00       $ 37,000.00
Micellaneous (fees/printing etc) $ 7,500.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 6,000.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 9,000.00 $ 5,000.00 $ 5,437.00 $ 101,937.00
Monthly Totals $ 379,032.00 $ 304,531.00 $ 79,000.00 $ 55,000.00 $ 89,000.00 $ 180,000.00 $ 128,750.00 $ 185,500.00 $ 143,000.00 $ 129,500.00 $ 166,000.00 $ 122,500.00 $ 334,800.00 $ 315,750.00 $ 100,590.00 $ 62,437.00 $ 2,775,390.00
Cumulative Totals $ 379,032.00 $ 683,563.00 $ 762,563.00 $ 817,563.00 $ 906,563.00 $ 1,086,563.00 $ 1,215,313.00 $ 1,400,813.00 $ 1,543,813.00 $ 1,673,313.00 $ 1,839,313.00 $ 1,961,813.00 $ 2,296,613.00 $ 2,612,363.00 $ 2,712,953.00 $ 2,775,390.00  
Funding Rounds $ 925,130.00       $ 925,130.00           $ 925,130.00            
Bank Balance $ 546,098.00 $ 241,567.00 $ 162,567.00 $ 107,567.00 $ 943,697.00 $ 763,697.00 $ 634,947.00 $ 449,447.00 $ 306,447.00 $ 176,947.00 $ 936,077.00 $ 813,577.00 $ 478,777.00 $ 163,027.00 $ 62,437.00 $ 0.00  

Expenditure from funds

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3                            



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