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NYAN  operated by usagi since Dec, 12 2012  

Outstanding Last 24h 24h Avg 24h 24h Vol 7d 7d Avg 7d 30d 30d Avg 30d Tot Vol Mkt Cap Score
236 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0 0    (0/0)

Outstanding Last 24h 24h Avg 24h 24h Vol 7d 7d Avg 7d 30d 30d Avg 30d Tot Vol Mkt Cap Score
236 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 0 0    (0/0)

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2013-03-08 15:00 ฿ 2.41000000 -- -- CANCELED
2013-03-01 15:00 ฿ 2.41000000 -- -- CANCELED
2013-02-22 15:00 ฿ 2.41000000 241 0.01000000 COMPLETE

TRADING HALTED ON NYAN Posted: 8 years ago

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Shares Outstanding 236 / 10000 Issued
Issuer usagi <>
Issuer Detail usagi
Was fully ID verified on GLBSE.
OTC rating is very good (+42):
Stockholder Agreement For the purpose of shutting down the NYAN symbol fairly.

A number of investors felt burned by the forced buyback of NYAN.B and
NYAN.C, despite receiving a final payment of more than what the shares
were actually worth.
If the companies were allowed to list normally (approved) then the
shares could simply be bought back on the market. This will be seen as
"more fair" and will allow the market to decide what the shares are
really worth. This is a good thing, this is what people want.

1. There were 241 outstanding shares of NYAN when GLBSE shut down.
Should NYAN be approved for listing, I will not issue any new shares
or sell any shares.
2. I will simply issue buybacks on the market until such time as the
shares are all bought back.
3. Should any remaining securities not appear on auction after a
predetermined time (from an idle account for example) I will issue a
forced buyback at the average price (volume weighted).
a. to occur no less than 90 days from approval or with less than 10%
shares remaining)
Executive Summary This is a really simple idea, please allow the trading of NYAN until I
can buy back all the shares. The company doesn't exist any more and if
this contract isn't approved my only option for recovering the shares
is a single forced buyback and that is not what people want. Please
allow me to provide closure for my investors.

Thank you for your vote.
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