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Outstanding Last 24h 24h Avg 24h 24h Vol 7d 7d Avg 7d 30d 30d Avg 30d Tot Vol Mkt Cap Score
63865 53@0.005123 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.0023 0.0033 0.005999 518 0 2    (2/0)

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2013-10-08 03:25:57 Market Buy 53 ฿ 0.005123 ฿ 0.271519
2013-10-08 03:25:57 Market Buy 47 ฿ 0.004999 ฿ 0.234953
2013-10-08 03:25:57 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.004953 ฿ 0.004953
2013-10-08 03:25:56 Market Buy 14 ฿ 0.004952 ฿ 0.069328
2013-10-08 03:25:56 Market Buy 18 ฿ 0.0049 ฿ 0.0882
2013-10-07 20:42:50 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.004 ฿ 0.004
2013-10-07 01:30:50 Market Sell 9 ฿ 0.0025 ฿ 0.0225
2013-10-07 01:29:48 Market Sell 1 ฿ 0.002533 ฿ 0.002533
2013-10-07 00:48:55 Market Sell 14 ฿ 0.002524 ฿ 0.035336
2013-10-07 00:48:28 Market Sell 2 ฿ 0.003005 ฿ 0.00601
2013-10-06 23:37:09 Market Sell 99 ฿ 0.003005 ฿ 0.297495
2013-10-06 22:33:26 Market Buy 9 ฿ 0.0055 ฿ 0.0495
2013-10-06 22:33:26 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.005499 ฿ 0.005499
2013-10-06 21:32:30 Market Buy 9 ฿ 0.005999 ฿ 0.053991
2013-10-06 21:32:30 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.005249 ฿ 0.005249
2013-10-06 21:32:29 Market Buy 1 ฿ 0.0051 ฿ 0.0051
2013-10-06 21:22:31 Market Sell 7 ฿ 0.003511 ฿ 0.024577
2013-10-06 21:21:20 Market Buy 12 ฿ 0.003511 ฿ 0.042132
2013-10-06 17:58:10 Market Buy 164 ฿ 0.002501 ฿ 0.410164
2013-10-06 17:57:24 Market Buy 124 ฿ 0.0025 ฿ 0.31

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Exchange Closure Posted: 7 years ago

RSM is not closing down like BTCT.CO is.  We're looking at other platforms to move too.  I have a list of every shareholder and holdings.  More news will follow.

Second 60(GH/s) BFL SC Posted: 7 years ago

Our second 60(GH/s) BFL SC Single is due to start hashing this Monday (2013/09/16) afternoon Kansas US time.  This will take us up to 120(GH/s) which is currently 1.87896[(MH/s)/per share].  While I expect us to be hashing at the full 980(GH/s) within five weeks by mid October.  As the rest of our pre-ordered equipment arrives. Which will take us up to 7.00[(MH/s)/per share].  We're hoping our re-investment fund will get us too at least 3.2(TH/s) by January but our plan is to try and reach 5.6(TH/s) at the moment.  So in January each share should be worth at least 22.857(MH/s) or up to 40.00(MH/s) if everything goes to plan and well for us.

And we're hashing :D Posted: 7 years ago

Yes we're hashing now at approximately 60(GH/s) with another 920(GH/s) all due by October.

Motion posted on RSM: About our first dividend Posted: 7 years ago
A new motion has been posted on RSM at: You should probably check it out. Don't waste your vote!

The first ASIC is moving Posted: 7 years ago

Motion posted on RSM: New investment Posted: 7 years ago
A new motion has been posted on RSM at: You should probably check it out. Don't waste your vote!

Our product line the SC has started shipping Posted: 7 years ago - not long now :D

BFL updates Posted: 8 years ago

Thanks everyone for holding there while we wait for BFL.  It was the begining of July 2012 we ordered our first SC so quite a wait hey.  Check - - for the latest updates on BFL.  

RSM - news, info, updates, discussion and chat Posted: 8 years ago
May I invite all shareholders to the new RSM group on - - Please join up, many features are
hopefully going to be added to group. Like Spreadsheets and a chatroom. We
already have our own forum and I will be posting all RSM updates there first.
The forum will be a good place to ask RSM staff questions. As I know you can
always email but more than likely your question will be relevant and interesting
to other investors. So please join up and make any suggestions known.



Hash-Rate update Posted: 8 years ago
RSM just purchased an additional 65 shares back as shares are so undervalued on
the market. Each share is now worth 2.691991326(MH/s) each.

RSM: Motion YES: 14924 - NO: 5515 - ABSTAIN: 15724 - OUTSTANDING: 63865 (14924/48141 = 31.0% Approval)
Title About our first dividend
Voting Dates Begins: 2013-08-24 12:30:39 (GMT)    Ends: 2013-08-31 04:00:00 (GMT)

Please vote either yes for a bonus dividend of 50% of profits with the first dividend.  Or please vote no for us to start the 90% reinvestment from the first dividend.

RSM: Motion YES: 36261 - NO: 473 - ABSTAIN: 0 - OUTSTANDING: 63865 (36261/63865 = 56.8% Approval)
Title New investment
Voting Dates Begins: 2013-07-22 15:59:00 (GMT)    Ends: 2013-07-24 00:00:00 (GMT)

To issue up to 80,000 new shares to attract investment enough to pre-order 800(GH/s)@28nm.  With 400(GH/s) due in September and 400(GH/s) in October.  We currently only have 180(GH/s)@65nm making shares worth 2.8(MH/s) each.  This new investment will value shares at 7(MH/s) each.  This will increase the value of each shares dividends and the growth fund by over 250%.  The new up to 80,000 shares will be held by RSM until the new pre-order equipment they're paying for is hashing.  So as not to affect share prices until the new pre-ordered 28nm ASIC's are hashing and providing income.  Please vote yes to agree or no to disagree to this motion.

Contract & Prospectus
Moderator Score 2  (2/0)
Moderator Votes YES 2 / 0 NO    (1 ABSTAINING -- Users with 10 or more shares of LTC-GLOBAL are allowed to vote.)

BTCTRADINGPT voted YES with comment: BTC-TRADING-PT shareholders voted 122-6 to approve.
Anonymous voted YES with comment: Issuer came over from GLBSE to continue operations.
Anonymous voted ABSTAIN with comment: A contract rewrite would do you good.
   matthewh3 replied We have rewrote the contract since your vote
Shares Outstanding 63865 / 84000 Issued
Issuer matthewh3 <>
Issuer Detail

[Your Name]Matthew Holt
[Business Name]Red Star Mining
[Business Location (city/state/region/country)]www
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]

[About your Company]A mining stock with a strong organic growth plan that may
end up also investing some of its profits into other investments. It has been
operating since January 2012

References: (some examples... if you want people to trust you)
[Company Website URL] Old Accounts Spreadsheet -
key=0Ap02rO_j4NLvdDB2cFRTS0ctVGRHRE5yQ2RfNUZFcUE#gid=0 - New Accounts
Spreadsheet -
[Link to Local Government Registrations]
[Duns & Bradstreet URL]
[Facebook Profile URL]
[Twitter Profile URL]
[Linked-In Profile URL]
[WoT or Equivalent URL]


Red Star Mining, a mining stock with strong +<90% reinvestment of profits
growth until such a time we are greater than 51% of the network and/or company
staff can make a living wage off their RSM wages solely. All major decisions
can be decided by motion apart from my (Matthew Holt) removal as Chief Operator
and Chairman of RSM decisions plus operations. No motions can also be held on
reducing the growth fund unless one of the two conditions are met above or the
Chief Operator and Chairman agrees to it being held. A salary of 5% of profits
will be used to pay RSM staff. To increase this payout it must be decided by
motion with the proposal reach a majority of at least 51%. This amount of 5%
can?t be reduced by motion unless more than 51% of RSM staff also agree. The
Chief Operator and Chairman have the ultimate decision on employment of RSM
staff unless a motion is held on the individuals sacking and reaches a 51%

All operating costs will be paid first then 5% of profits taken for RSM staff
pay. Then at least 90% of the remaining profits will be reinvested into
increasing RSM Hash-rate and/or into other strong growth/profit investments.
The reminder will be paid out in dividends. With eventually the full amount for
the dividend fund being passed through Pyramining and/or other suitable
investments. So eventually the full amount earned by RSM for dividends will be
passed through other investments before the full same amount eventually gets
paid out into dividends. So as the total dividend payment remains unchanged.
With the extra bonus income earned by the dividend investment fund investments
to be reinvested in RSM growth.

Any major shareholder can force a motion or any group of small investors with a
combined holdings of at least 5% of shares unless the subject of the suggested
motion effects one of the subjects of the two prohibited motions. Then if the
suggested motion can effect one of the subjects of the two prohibited motions
then its up to the chief operator and chairman on whether to run the motion.

If RSM is forced to close (with the ultimate decision on that decided by the
chief operator and chairman). Then all assets will be shared equally between
all shares.

Executive Summary

Red Star Mining, a mining stock with strong +<90% reinvestment of profits into growth until such a time we are greater than 51% of the network and/or company staff can make a living wage off their RSM wages solely.


New accounts spreadsheet -


Google+ group -

Business Description

Red Star Mining is a bitcoin mining corporation. We strive to acquire quality mining hardware and process bitcoin transactions.

Definition of the Market

Bitcoin mining enables bitcoin as a currency to function properly and securely across the whole of the internet. See the wiki [] for a technical introduction to bitcoin mining. Miners who successfully solve a block either individually or in tandem receive transaction fees from the latest set of transactions and a subsidy

Products and Services

While Red Star Mining does suggest some other services we do not have customers in the classical sense. Our provided service is bitcoin hashing and while highly competitive our customer is the bitcoin network as a whole.

Organization and Management

CEO, Chief Operator & Chairman      Matthewh3

Mining Foreman                      Canth
CFO                                 Evlovex
Website/PR Guy                      Chalbersma

Marketing Strategy

In bitcoin mining the best way to "market" your findings is by having a well connected node. It's possible that when RSM acquires enough hardware to make it "solo mining" that we may have to revisit our setup. Until then we will mine only on established/well connected pools to minimize the opportunity for orphaned blocks.

Financial Management

Our broad financial plan includes taking 90% of profits (not revenues) and re-investing it in mining hardware to continually increase our hashing power. Our latest financial details can be found on our company spreadsheet. []

ʡ = Recent Notification or Pending Motion, ʬ = Recent Contract or Prospectus Change