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SANDSTORM  operated by josh_mutch  

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Joshua Mutch
Sandstorm - A Collective Investment Vehicle for BTC
Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Sandstorm's Goals:
-Release weekly dividends of at least 1% of the capital gathered from public offerings. This dividend will come from trades and investments undertaken by Sandstorm.
-Achieve consistent growth in value, share price and dividends.


The plan is to start small with an IPO of 100,000 shares. These will be priced at .001BTC each, raising 100BTC capital. 
Capital will be invested in reliably profitable BTC related elements.
Profit from each week will be distributed through weekly dividends every Friday. Weekly profits exceeding 1% of the capital from public offerings will be divided into carryover funds and dividends. Carry over funds are a way to grow the company and act as a safety mechanism.
Once the company has reached a mature stage, where the abilities of the company have been proven, further public offerings will be issued to raise further capital.
There will no more than 1,000,000 shares issued in the long term. It is unlikely that this many will be issued.
This is a long term collective investment vehicle which will be operational for as long as management is able and BTC exists.


Shareholder funds will only be invested in things related to BTC:

  • Investing in other virtual securities
  • Buying and selling other virtual securities
  • Mining operations (unlikely)
  • BTC/USD trading (small amounts due to high risk)
  • Alternative currency trading (very small amounts due to high risk)

If on the unlikely chance that Sandstorm can't continue:
Shareholders will be fully informed and a suitable replacement for management will be sought after. If this attempt is unsuccessful, all remaining assets from the last weekly report will be liquidated and distributed to shareholders at a per unit basis.

Subsequent shares will not be issued without a majority vote.
Investments will only be of the nature as described above.
The unit issuing structure will not be changed. 
The creator is in this for the long term and will not give up.
This collective investment vehicle will be managed every day.

Executive Summary

Sandstorm is a collective investment vehicle that strives to maximize the potential of BTC?s that are invested in it. Sandstorm will use sophisticated investment strategies to ensure that the goals are met and the company grows into a mature entity within the BTC community. 

Business Description

The creator of Sandstorm has been creating wealth through BTC related activities for a long time. This company is simply an extension of these activities. The primary focus of Sandstorm is long term wealth creation. This wealth will be fairly distributed among shareholders. Sandstorm plans to invest BTC in the smartest way possible to maximize profits to investors. 

Profits will be used to rewards shareholders and grow the company. BTC related activities will be analyzed for their potential as a long or short term investment.

Definition of the Market

People who want to leave analysis of BTC related investments to someone else. People who want to diversify their portfolio.

Products and Services

A product that aims maximizes returns on BTC without the associated stress and time consumption of trading/investing within the BTC economy.

Organization and Management

Joshua Mutch is the sole operator of Sandstorm at this time and will make decision regarding all investment activities within the boundaries of what is specified above. Any other decision regarding changes to the company will require a majority vote from shareholders.

Joshua Mutch has a comprehensive background in economics and the Australian Stock Exchange.

Marketing Strategy

Discussion within the BTC community.

Financial Management

The financials of Sandstorm will be updated and released weekly after dividends have been distributed. This will offer transparency to shareholders and potential investors.

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