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Outstanding Last 24h 24h Avg 24h 24h Vol 7d 7d Avg 7d 30d 30d Avg 30d Tot Vol Mkt Cap Score
101 1@0.1898 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 37 0 1    (1/0)

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[Your Name]
Roman Skaskiw

[Business Name]
War for Anarchists, a memoir

[Business Location (city/state/region/country)]
Lviv/Lviv Oblast/Ukraine

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

[About your Company]
I'm a writer.  Mostly, I've written as a private entrepreneur, but I do have a company registered in Iowa City, Iowa, USA.  The company is called storyteller llc.  I wanted to issue stock independent from that company, though.

[Company Website URL]

[Link to Local Government Registrations]
I'm pursuing the project as an individual entrepreneur, but I do have a business registered in the US:

Here are some previous publications and appearances to establish my identity as a writer:


[Duns & Bradstreet URL]

[Facebook Profile URL]

[Twitter Profile URL]

[Linked-In Profile URL]

[WoT or Equivalent URL]



The total issue will be up four hundred (400) virtual shares representing 40% ownership of the project and its proceeds.

* Proceeds from the issue will go toward self-publishing costs, including but not limited to: Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, Cover Design, Book Formatting and Layout, Printing, ISBN number, Marketing, and Website Design.

* The author will simultaneously pursue traditional publishers.

* Profits realized in fiat currencies are converted to BTC and divided among shareholders.

* Profits from book sales, rights to the book, or advances from publishers are be distributed to shareholders.

* Any speaking fees which the author may collect are considered independent of the proceeds from this project.

* Virtual shares can (but do not have to) be bought back by the issuer.

* We will do our best to make this project profitable but cannot guarantee it.

* This is a start-up project, please be aware that there are risks involved. 

* If the project fails, neither virtual share issuer nor project manager (persons or legal entity(s) can not be held liable.

* Issuer can not be held liable for any of your actions or decisions like selling, trading, destroying or anything else you plan or can imagine doing with your virtual shares.

* All sales of virtual shares are considered final.

* All unsold virtual stock is considered as a "treasury stock", that has no rights for voting nor dividends.

* Dividends are paid quarterly.

* The projected sale of this book is for the Spring of 2014.

Executive Summary


War for Anarchists is a memoir about my (Roman Skaskiw's) third combat tour.  After already deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq as an infantry officer with the 82nd Airborne division, and after becoming a bitter skeptic about government in general and foreign policy in particular, I was recalled from the inactive reserve for a mission to Afghanistan's dangerous Kunar Province.

Rather than rely on pure philanthropy for this book, I am selling shares of the book.

I will pursue both self-publishing and more traditional publishing routes.  I will share all proceeded with shareholders, be they from sales of a self-published memoir or advances from a mainstream publisher.

Business Description


Mission: to publish a sell a memoir about my last tour in Afghanistan.

Vision: Rather than relying on pure philanthropy, I am raising funds by selling shares in this creative project.  This gives supporters a chance of earning a dividend and generates publicity, both for Bitcoin and for the book.

Definition of the Market


The book industry is very fickle, but some trends are clear.  Memoirs are generally more successful than novels.  War-related memoirs are a recognized niche.  Self-publishing is a quickly growing sector, but it remains a challenge for self-published authors to get noticed.  Self-published books risk getting lost in the mass of low-quality, poorly edited self-published books.  A good marketing strategy or unique approach is essential.

Products and Services

Pretty straight forward:  I'm writing, marketing and selling a memoir about my third military deployment.  I deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 as a civil affairs team leader, and a big skeptic about our military endeavors.  My lost faith made rolling the dice again very difficult.

Organization and Management

This venture is a sole proprietorship.

Marketing Strategy


I will simultaneously pursue two strategies:

1) Self-publishing:

- Website

- Hiring a publicist

- Mentioning the book at my speaking engagements (I have appeared on NPR, spoken at various universities, and this year I will give a lecture about Bitcoin at the Property and Freedom Society Conference.)

- Requesting book reviews

- leveraging my Youtube channel (Romansbookreport)

- advertising at Bitcoin conferences and on Bitcoin forums

2) Mainstream publisher.

This memoir occupies a niche which makes it instantly recognizable to mainstream publishers and literary agents.  I will solicit them as the memoir nears completion.  Even after the book is self-published, it is possible that it would get picked up my mainstream publisher, especially if sales have been strong.

Once a publisher invests in the book, their expansive marketing experience orchestrates substantial promotions in print, radio and elsewhere.

Financial Management


A self-publishing budget can be scaled from $500 to $20,000 (  I am ready to work with whatever I raise.

Income won't be generated before the Spring of 2014.  If a mainstream publisher picks up the book, there may be an advance of up to $40,000, followed by a year-long delay in the release of the book.  Self-publishing revenues vary widely.

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